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It's been four months since your travels began, and so much had happened that you couldn't even begin to put into words, everything was so fast paced and exciting that you've been running full force—with gyuni ofcourse.

but every now and then when you got to lay down and go to bed, you indulged in the quiet, your heartbeat always echoing in your ears.

tonight was one of those times when the beating of your heart refused to dull down.

you felt the glass against your finger, the warmth unlocking the screen. a smile edges over your lips; eyes softening at the caller ID.

you held the phone up to your ear, letting it ring. you didn't know why you called or if you even wanted to talk. perhaps you'd just hang up.

perhaps you wanted reassurance, to know if it was truly over. if he didn't answer you'd have to move on. but it would hurt, developing bonds that only last for such a short time always hurt.

still you held on and waited.

he picks up."hello?" his voice raises as if he were just as surprised to see your call as you were to hear his voice. still there was a comfort and longing in the way he spoke out to you, mirroring the behavior of a lover missing his other half.

you found yourself comforted by the ideals you both shared, he was wondering the same thing you're sure, perhaps he was staring at his phone all day as well.

snuggling between the pillows and stuffed plushie you smiled, whispering into the receiver as if afraid that anything louder would drown out the beautiful calm of his breathing.


a pause, and then a sigh stitched with relief.


you had tried the free trial, perhaps it
was time you bought the full package.

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