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three missed calls from gyuni

four...eight..fifteen, wow this girl is tempting you to put her on mute if your phone buzzes another time.

turning off your volume you sit down on the chair, yawning. this was becoming a really long day.

between still not eating, having nowhere to stay and your house being borrowed by unwanted guests, you were exhausted and grumpy.

"rita take my bed so you can sleep."

"no." you sat in the stiff chair, trying your best to sit up. he didn't have much in here since it was never intended for long term use.

namjoon rubbed the back of his neck, watching you. he never liked when you were persistent about doing the opposite of what he asked.

but before he could push you his phone rung and he looks up at it, licking his lips uncomfortably and glancing back up at you.

weighing the phone in his hand he ultimately doesn't answer and instead kneels in front of you.

"I messed up big time I know but can't we move past this mistake and go back to being..us?"

his lips twitched to expose his deep set dimples and you found yourself wanting to admire them like you had hundreds of times before.

you knew you'd fall for it again, you'd fall for him again if you didn't get out of there.

his phone rang again, he didn't look up to it."you should get that." your voice cracked more than expected.

the worse thing about this was that he knew you and your soft spots. pouting he nuzzles against your leg and rests his head in your lap."rita." he whispered.

"please go answer the phone."

he sighed, it used to be easier winning you over when you fought, he didn't like this at all. eventually he answered the phone, tone sour to the person on the other line.

"why are you call—rita? why come to me about her? you have her number. ignoring you? humph how terrible." he grunted, listening to the line a while longer.

you watched as he rubbed his eyebrows and shook his head, handing you the phone.

"you seen something today didn't you?" she questioned though it was less of a asking thing and more of her telling you what she knew.

breathing into the receiver, you can hear her rubbing the fabric of her clothes."I need to show you something..meet me at your house."

"gyuni I'm not going home and I'm super angry with y—"

"just come home and I'll explain."

you looked down to see she had hung up and you rub your eyes. was she going to talk about seokjin or those people at your house? either way you hope she has a good story.

standing you turn to namjoon."gyuni wants to meet us."


"one of us." you corrected, walking out the door only to run back in to take your turtle with you.

it was almost midnight by the time you and namjoon got back to your house. it was dark in the neighborhood besides a few outside lights illuminating.

parking, you could see the dining room lights up, a big truck and two cars parked on the sidewalk.

stepping out of the car you see a figure standing at the door to welcome you, small and feminine.

"surprise." gyuni's soft voice rang seemingly too loud in the quiet night.

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