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your reason for being; the reason you joined romantique was to share love with others. you just didn't know that tonight you'd be reminded of that.

reminded that even though your love was no more, it doesn't mean you stop sharing the sweet feeling with others. rather it meant that you fight harder for them because you know how much it hurts to not be loved.

this is what made you...you. this is what made you rita.

"have you guys seen jimin?"

you walked up to jungkook and hoseok who lingered by the bar of desserts—not a single treat looking out of place. honestly you didn't get why these people bothered with a dessert bar when they judged people for eating them and being "uncivilized" and "piggish"

the two men looked to each other and shook their heads."I haven't seen him since.."

hoseok sucked on his bottom lip; trying to think. "...maybe an hour ago."

you nodded somewhat absentmindedly, you were feeling a bit uneasy. at first you just wanted to make sure that he was enjoying himself but the fact that you couldn't find him was making your heart leap the same way it would if you lost a child.

anything could've happened to him, this people were not nice...and jimin, you were afraid that he wouldn't be able to handle it because of his soft persona.

you walked through the ballroom, looking around for jimin among the crowd, expecting him to be laughing it up or trying to get away from the harsh remarks of some pressing couple.

but you didn't.

"maybe I'll go find seokjin..he could've met up with him," you excuse yourself repeatedly as you step out of the crowd.

as you finally stop looking that's exactly when you find the dark haired essence of kindness.
"oh, jimin there you are."

you start to walk towards him with a relieved stride, but as you got closer you couldn't help but notice that he looked...warm.

with his cheeks flushed, he stood off in the corner, shaking.

you quickened your step while trying not to bring alarming attention your way. "you alright? you look like you want to throw up."

carefully you put the back of your palm against jimin's forehead only to quickly pull it back when you feel the wetness of his flushed skin.

"are you hot?" you lower your face and was about to grab his hand when you notice the way his eyes lowered.

he looked completely screwed. the way his feet shifted and his hands would quickly reach back onto the wall as if he was going to fall, fingers trying to claw at the structure.

you cock your head and look him over, trying to self diagnose the situation when it sudden becomes clear and you gave a sympathetic smile towards your friend.

looking around the busy room with elite buyers and personalities, you yawn and scrunch your nose.

"Ish it's so boring and noisy here. I'd like to go home, should we go home jimin?" you ask him but aren't surprised by his lack of a response.

"I don't think this is really our type of crowd anyway, not cool enough for us." you take his hand and manage to usher him out the doors of the packed building, covering him from being approached by potential customers.

eventually you both stepped into the car and you look out the window, lowering it to smell the late evening air.

"this looks like the perfect setting to read one of those stories you like so much."

you pause while ruffling your hair."but I forgot what it was called, you know the story about the guy who got wings made for him and he was flying into the air and feeling the breeze and I think he was hanging out with mermaids too, but then the wings melted."

jimin seemed to have pinned his attention to you, his breathing returning to normal and his posture less frightened.

even his sweating wasn't as intense anymore when he focused on you and what you were saying.

"the boy who flew too high.." his voice cracked as he closed his eyes, resting his head on your shoulder.

now that he could think somewhat clearly, you looked at him, brushing his damp hair off of his forehead so he wouldn't break out.

"do you want to go home?"

"no. I'm okay right here with you."

so you both sat in the car the rest of the evening, and you read jimin some of his favorite stories, and though you didn't notice; his eyes stayed on you. despite the darkness of the night making it hard to see.


I hope you can understand the symptoms and what was happening! I didn't want to just say it but tried to show it.

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