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some people call you dramatic, others call you crazy, but you like to see yourself as someone who prepares for every possible scenario, or perhaps a good combination of both.

after you broke things off with the guys you immediately knew you had to prepare for the big day on your own.

"the next time I call and you don't answer the door I swear on jihoon's life I will—what the hell are you doing?"

you looked up from your place on the floor, surrounded by different foods and your phone screen, your cheeks puffed as you chewed on something.

"preparing for hypernation," you mumble through your full mouth.

"for how long, three years?" gyuni picked up an empty bag of chips and scrunched her nose, carefully trying to step over your junk to throw herself on the couch.

"two days."

gyuni choked a laugh and you shoot a glare at her, watching as she tries to stifle her laugh with her fist.

"I'm sorry it's just...rita you're being a tad dramatic."

"no I'm eating everything I would've eaten tomorrow, that way I don't get cravings and wake up in the morning," you wipe your mouth with the back of your wrist, regretting it when you realize you'd have to vaccum later.

"ah, you want to sleep through the wedding day huh?"

she looks around before shrugging."well I guess I could use a good old two day nap—pass me the snack cakes."

so perhaps you weren't going to have to be totally on your own. it was nice to know that gyuni would always be at your side no matter how ridiculous she thinks you're being.

and it didn't take her long to get comfortable on the couch behind you.

"so get this, I'm at work, minding my own business and trying to hint off to jihoon that I'm free tonight or whatever–which he obviously didn't get since I'm here with you."

"yeah you really need to stop hitting on coworkers, and–hey," you scrunch up your nose and huff at her backhanding remark, shaking your head when she offers a cheeky chuckle.

"anyway, so I'm mildly annoyed because men are so dense and whatnot, and I just figured I'd send in a few more approved requests and go home–y'know because I'm a hardworking woman and whatever."

you nodded, searching the room for the drink you thought you took out, and frowning when you realize that it's in the freezer.

"so one of the requests was for the combo pack deal—she wanted simplicity but also arty and so I called in yoongi and jimin."

your stomach knots and you shift your gaze to the carpet...dirty..and full of regretful snacking choices..

yeah you could see why she called those two.
yoongi was like a blank canvas that you could paint to match your lifestyle.

and jimin..why he made you speak in metaphors and use phrases like; a blank canvas. he always let you see the beauty in everything.

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