Imagination is yours! BTS texts! by LollyTheUnicorn
Imagination is yours! BTS texts!by Your fan ● 3●
Just imagine it! PS: Cover coming soon
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behind that smile ❤ ksj by mochi_tel
behind that smile ❤ ksjby tel
❝you see the bright and funny side of me, but i also get depressed often. i'm just trying to stay positive for you guys.❞ - kim seokjin | in which kim seokjin doesn't kn...
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Coffee ; Yoonmin by princeminyoongles
Coffee ; Yoonminby minyoongless
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Lucid dreaming by kang_eunbyul
Lucid dreamingby Byeol~
I woke up again, feeling kind of empty. I missed his touch, I missed his smile... that bright smile that made me want to keep dreaming forever. His orange messy hair fal...
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KISS LAND by meinusenpai
Your parents own the company you work for, you've only focused on work until your parents arranged someone for you to meet. Good luck, Y/N.
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Unexpected Romance  {Jimin FF} by ireneiscool
Unexpected Romance {Jimin FF}by ireneiscool
Iris... a nerd with a secretive past Jimin... a playboy who had everything he wanted What happens when their paths cross? Read on to find out!
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love scenario; kth+myg by jiminnours
love scenario; kth+mygby mochi
nós estávamos apaixonados nós conhecemos e nos tornamos uma memória que não podia ser apagada foi um melodrama louvável com um belo e decente final isso foi suficiente p...
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❤An Idol In Love❤ (J-Hope x F!Reader) by Levifloreslaureta
❤An Idol In Love❤ (J-Hope x F! Lapiz Blue
Hello and welcome to my BTS Series! I'm going to start with my bias and after this my bias wrecker then the rest...
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Roommates || KTH x reader by Chiyoongi
Roommates || KTH x readerby Chiyoongi
~Taehyung x reader~ Youre 17 y/o and you live with your mom&dad, But they go on business vacations a lot. And when they do you have to sleep at your brothers place... Wh...
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Drug Dealer (KIM NAMJOON) by ZuzannaZacny
Drug Dealer (KIM NAMJOON)by Yoongi is my Oppa
Nothing is ever okay. Not even when I meet him, he brings trouble which I'm addicted to. Kim Namjoon Fanfiction First fanfic so bare with 😂😂 Thanks for reading! (?)
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When the Day met the Night by Spriingflower
When the Day met the Nightby Anika
"When the moon fell in love with the sun All was golden in the sky All was golden when the day met the night" (based on a song by Panic! at the Disco; cover ma...
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eidolon. by twentyonedoggs anna
------- In ancient Greek literature, an eidolon (plural: eidola or eidolons) (Greek εἴδωλον: "image, idol, double, apparition, phantom, ghost") is a spirit-ima...
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Jealous boyfriend JIKOOK [OS]  by _kelsa_
Jealous boyfriend JIKOOK [OS] by _kelsa_
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[jungri] Chasing Life and Hearts by yookthetics
[jungri] Chasing Life and Heartsby chae
Kim Yerim was blessed with a second opportunity to live. But she's too far from comfort and happiness. Life itself seems too far away; out of reach. As she was constantl...
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Stigma by TrashyBtsArmy
Stigmaby Haneul Kim
"The stigma of it will always haunt me" He mumbled coldly, leaving the room without another word.
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Oppa sa ma dotkol by CuteGalaxyGirls
Oppa sa ma dotkolby Kikimora3336
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Bts edits that need to be seen  by IM_BTS_TRASH101
Bts edits that need to be seen by Bangtang trash
Bts edits
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