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If this wasn't the perfect day then you don't know what perfect means.

first jungkook and jin left as scheduled, followed by taehyung. hoseok and yoongi went for their movie outing, and luckily you knew that the film they were seeing was a little over two hours.

as for jimin...you may or may not have influenced his decision to go on and treat himself by going off and stargazing a little outside of the city.

as extreme as that sounds, you just couldn't think of anything else so last minute to get him to stay gone for more than thirty minutes.

now that you were officially alone you picked up your purse and checked the edges of your hair, even throwing a jacket on, but you decide against it and take it back off.

the last thing you grab on the way out the door is your phone, weighing the device in the creases of your palm.

you always told gyuni when you planned on doing something like this..maybe you should call her..

we've seen how well your last two choices went.

you decided against it, you could make choices without her. she wasn't your mother that you had to get permission from.

and with that decided to leave the house in the darkness of the night, the only lights were the scarce lampposts and the moon.

the little chimes ring as you push the door open of the small but high class cafe, you could hear the flaking of bread being pulled apart and the tiny clanks of glasses being filled with iced drinks.

inside you instantly found namjoon in the center, sitting patiently.

moving with a cautious edge, you both stood and bowed before taking your seats, namjoon even pushing your chair in before sitting himself.

"so I wanted us to meet so we can—"

"wait wait," namjoon held us his hand. turning back he gestures somewhere and several waiters appear, setting down many little desserts and pastry treats. towards the end they set up a glass of milk chocolate.

leaning in close, you could see the happiness on namjoon's face."you still have a major sweet tooth right?" his eyes wrinkle in the corners when he laughs, teeth showing.

slowly you nodded and rubbed your knees."actually no...namjoon what I wanted to tell you was that—"

"wait, I know I keep stopping you but the baker said that these would be best when eaten right away so..." he picks up a small pastry, shyly looking up to you and leaning over.

he was going to hand feed it to you..you hesitate a moment but you eventually lean in and accept the bite he'd given you. you didn't want to seem just plain mean..he did spend money for you.

you licked the corner of your lips, tasting the sweet residue that was left behind. "it's really good namjoon."

his face seemed to brighten and you watched as his dimples dig into his cheeks as they always did when he smiled at you."try this one."

he hands you another mini treat and you lean in to take it only for him to pull it back."no let me feed it to you, you won't even have to lift a finger.."

his voice becomes quiet and he brings the treat up to your lips and you shyly open your mouth for another bite; this treat even better than the last.

"mhm." you moan into the taste melting into your mouth.

you had a sugar problem and namjoon knew that. sitting with his hand on his chin he watched you with an easiness washing over him, eyes soft.

"I missed seeing that glow on your cheeks," he pushes your drink towards you to help wash down the desserts you were trying."I missed that smile even more.."

he stops and wipes off his hands with a linen napkin that the cafe provided, turning back to you with a somewhat matured expression.

"that's why I'm glad you wanted to talk. I messed up with you but I can't ignore that I did —and still do have feelings for you—three years doesn't just disappear, that's what you've always told me right?"

it was best to say that there's hardly a moment where you didn't said those words; when it came to you both it was your catchphrase.

"I'm in a bad place with you and I regret it, looking back I don't know how I even thought that I was making the right choice then.."

something in the back of your mind was screaming; tell him now, now!  but you ignored it. whether it was because you wanted to hear him sing your praises or you truly just felt too bad to interrupt you weren't sure.

"I want to start over with you, I'll earn your trust again. we'll fall in love with each other...again."

you quietly put down your glass, wiping your hands."I don't know namjoon."

"please, just friends..hm?" he held up a finger, standing and walking out the cafe door. a moment later he reappeared looking lost and confused.

he seems unsure as he returns to your table, bowing and smiling at you."excuse me..mind if I sit here?"  he raises an eyebrow.

you mimic his raised brow but slowly nod nonetheless.

he thanks you and sits down. stretching his hand out to you."my name's namjoon, and you?"

now you were chuckling awkwardly as you take his firm hand and shake, covering your mouth."rita."

"see..not so hard, we can be friends again right? we'll start over..a clean slate for us." now he was smiling again, ruffling your hair.

well..a clean slate is what you wanted, and you did kind of miss him. a second chance never hurt anyone. he made a mistake but who doesn't?

if you made a mistake wouldn't you want the other person to give you a second chance to?

"okay okay we can be friends just stop messing up my hair." you give in and shake your head half heartedly, using your fingers to fix your hair.

"good," he leans back and lets his eyes devour the sweets before his mouth can even get a taste. taking a teacup cookie he raises it."to starting over."

you follow suit, picking up one of the crumb cakes and watched the sugar dust fall from your fingers.


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