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you sat outside the wedding halls, arms hugging around your knees. you didn't feel like being at home, you didn't feel like being at work, you didn't feel like being anywhere except right there.

replaying the moments you felt the most beautiful, pinching the cotton of your pajamas and trying to replace it with the memory of the silk dress. trying to hear the music playing and the dreaminess of the veil over your eyes.

closing your eyes, you let yourself dream just a little longer.

"I don't care, I'm happy."

"doing what? living in your friend's house? life can't just be one big sleepover for you."

"hoseok and I share a house because I like having someone around everyday without having to be married."

you peak an eye open, looking up as a man with a tall physic and engraved frowning wrinkles around his mouth walking beside a young man with freckles sprinkled across his face and soft eyes.


"your brother is a lawyer who owns his own franchise and speaks fluent english, your cousin flies across the world making a difference, saving animals and is still going back to school to become a doctor, and you're just sitting around playing love interest to random people everyday."

"I'm making a difference by helping people deal with heartbreak and self care and not going into depression...I'm satisfied with little deeds. I don't get why I have to be over the top for you to appreciate what I do." yoongi closes his eyes and pinches his nose, sighing.

"because we're not raising mediocre, min yoongi. anyone can come and play boyfriend. not everyone can build their own company out of nothing like I did, or become a professor like your mother."

"but what if I'm okay with being like everyone else, I don't like being singled out, I don't like being the boss, I like being a part of other people's dreams and journeys and that's it–I'm sick of you calling me everyday being disrespectful because you think it's okay to nag and complain about wasting my potential while I'm doing what I love,"

yoongi pulled at the top of his hair, the top sticking up as his agitation boils.

"what I do is a real job. I know it might not mean much to you but you can atleast respect me and stop commenting on it."

there was a quiet and you watched, though you tried not to look obvious as you squeezed your knees closer.

"we'll talk after the ceremony," was all that the older man replied with as he walks ahead, leaving yoongi behind to shake his head and sigh.

yoongi shook his head, shoving one had in his pocket and the other ruffling his hair. the room was quiet outside of his frustrated breathing.

"hey, you alright?"

yoongi flinches at your voice, glancing around until he sees you sitting, knees hugged to your chest. almost anxiously his lips turn up into a smile and he steps up, the clicking of his shoes bouncing off the walls.

"I've been better," he shrugs, the peak of his collarbone peaking through his shirt before disappearing as he drops his shrug.
carefully he bends down beside you, pulling one knee up to his chest as well.

"but shouldn't I be asking you that?" he tilts his chin back and shifts his eyes, letting them wander the large building with the wedding trims, the cursive lettering of invitation letters and the names of couples in front of each door so guests could find the right hall.

meanwhile your eyes drifted to the angle of his chin, watching how the outline of his adam's apple became more obvious the longer you looked

"doesn't seem like your type of scene," he finally whispered, dropping his gaze back down to you in your pajamas.

you kind of wished he had gotten to see you in the wedding dress, because right now you felt tacky.

"it's not, namjoon...sent me a personal invite earlier," you eventually huffed,  picking at the fabric of your shirt.

"and how are you taking it?"

"fine. no weddings were ruined so I'm relieved," you nodded, brushing a strand of hair behind your ear.atleast your hair was pretty, atleast your hair was still like a braid's.

"you sure?"

"no..it hurts...a lot," you admitted, shaking your head as you snuggled closer to him, resting your head on his shirt.

"I was doing something good but it still hurts," you felt your tears start to soak through his shirt and he squeezes you in his arms, the warmth of his body soothing you into embracing your cries.

"you'll make it better,won't you? please make it better, yoongi." you held onto him as you hid your face in his chest, shoulders shaking and vision blurred from crying.

without a sound, yoongi rests his chin on top of your head, running his fingers through your hair almost absentmindedly."yeah, I'll make it better."

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