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"so what's your story?"

you question as you guide seokjin to a classy diner, the ones that you had to book ahead of time and actually dress in fancy pieces you only wore once a year.

"what do you mean?"

"jungkook is a part time student who likes to feel more mature, taehyung just likes to make people smile. jimin finds that it helps distract from stress—I'm still working on yoongi's too, but why did you join romantique?"

"my story is kind of personal, I joined because I was dealing with some things at the time. I guess you could say that I was—"


he stops midstride and looks to you, tilting his head to question your intuition."how..."

"I'm guessing," you point out with a unnatural calmness, not bothering to look back, instead you pull your phone from your clutch and view the time–twice. you never quite paid attention the first time.

"we're waiting for someone," you point out just as another male came running. hands on his knees as he tries to catch his breath.

"oh jin, you're here too?" hoseok's eyes widened at the sight of the sharply dressed male on your shoulder. blinking he turns to you.

"do I have the date wrong rita? I thought you told me to meet you tonight and—"

"you're perfectly on time," was the only thing you let slip as your lips curve and you turn to walk ahead of the two men.

"reservation for yoh." you smiled to the usher who promptly got a waiter to bring you all to your booth.

you sat down on one side and watched as the two men glanced at each other. who would sit on your side and who would sit alone?

there was a pause and you smiled down at your menu."you should really sit together, I tend to eat a lot and I'm probably going to need as much table space as possible to fit my plates,"

you shake your head and feel your shoulders shaking from a silent laugh.

your behavior was nothing short of strange to the men as they sat down, seokjin nudging hoseok, who he was hoping could explain what was happening, but he seemed just as lost.

"is everything alright rita? are you sure that there's nothing you want to tell us?" seokjin's voice peaking with concern,

though you were already flipping through the drink selections—despite having already told the server what you wanted everyone to have prior to arriving.

"hm, why do you ask? scared because I'm paying for dinner this time?" you arched an eyebrow and your nose crinkles with your chuckle.

"no it's just different..the customer doesn't ask us out after they've rented us and it's just odd that you're treating us I guess."  hoseok was tracing his jaw with his pointer finger, his gaze slightly confused.

they weren't used to this, usually everything was planned to a point. they knew what to say and how to say it, they knew their roles and played them well.

but if you came in and changed things around they quickly became less prepared and more vulnerable, you seen bits of them you otherwise would've missed.

"I just felt like doing something nice I guess. sometimes I think there doesn't have to be a special occasion to do something nice for someone. too many people seem to need a reason just to tell the people close to them that they value them these days."

you glanced up to hoseok, smile broad."It's like you said, I miss a simpler time. I like the intimacy—I like couples who still go on dates after their married. I hate how know the intimacy is gone and now all I have to do is swipe left, double tap right, click my heels three times and then say I want the perfect guy."

you shrug, reaching over the table to fix hoseok's shirt, one side of his crisp white collar sticking up.

"I don't want this robotic routine with you guys. I do weird things to throw you off because I like to see other sides of you—I like to see the weird and silly moments and watch you guys laugh and not just try to charm me."

you pause, leaning back into your seat and squinting your eyes down at the table, really trying to find your words.

"I think that's what makes the two of you such awesome boyfriends. you're the everyday moments that make life good. it's nothing extreme, just the simple pleasures in life. some customers take that for granted and I'm sure you don't get as much appreciation as you deserve."

you leaned on your hand, smiling up to the men sitting across from you. "I just wanted to say that I appreciate you both so much, even if no one else knows just how amazing you are—and I'm grateful for everything you've done for me, and I just wanted to take you out as a thank you."

seokjin's eyes soften and he repeatedly tugged on his collar for more room to breath,"rita...I can't just let you–I mean our job is to—"

"please let me do this, I just felt like you guys needed a little extra love, call it a gut feeling but who knows, you never know when someone could use a little more."

the waiter arrived with several large plates that you knew you'd be packing up into a to-go box later on. the scent of parsley, peppers and spices float under your noses and you smiled, despite the unsure look seokjin was giving.

he didn't want you to pay for this or to treat them, and all he kept saying was that you didn't owe them anything.

now you were somewhat quiet, speaking in a low voice, as if telling a secret that only they were allowed to hear.

"you know sometimes people break and make a lot of noise like a vase, you know they're heart is broken because you could hear the shattering."

you shake your head."I made a lot of noise when I broke, it was so messy—but you guys heard and helped put me back together."

hoseok's lips curled when you lock eyes with him, remembering the first time he held you as you cried.

"and sometimes you stumble on someone who's heart broke quietly, you don't realize it until you step on one of their pieces."

your eyes travelled between the two men, though your gaze was stricter towards seokjin."the more I got to know you guys...the more pieces I found."

seokjin suddenly excused himself, stepping out of the booth and walking to a server, he asked him something and then continued walking.

there was silence and hoseok wiped his face,"I'll go find him..you know seokjin is very—"

"yeah, I know."

his lips pulled up and he nods."we'll be back soon," and with that he stood and followed after him, hands deep in his blazer's pockets.

quietly you sat, chewing on your food. when you first put the pieces together you were angry and you wished you had known sooner. it was obvious from the first time you met him and you hated yourself for not realizing it then—so caught up in your own heartbreak.

seokjin needs to hear this...even if he doesn't like it. he needs to know that you know.


this chapter took ten years and a half to edit, this was the best I could do, sorry!

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