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you stepped inside the house and closed the door, turning to face an angry gyuni standing with her arms crossed over sheer black lingerie.

carefully you walked up to her, forcing a innocent smile while reaching over and pushing her glasses up on her nose.
"honey I'm home."

she rolled her eyes and pointed at the clock ticking on the wall. each second making a clicking sound that bounced off the walls.

eventually you gave up the sweetness act."okay so I swear I wasn't working late. today wasn't even my fault. my car broke down and I had to get someone else to bring me back to my honey."

you tried your best to switch on your loving voice, the one you used when you wanted to get out of trouble with your fiancé.

smiling up at gyuni, you gave her an apologetic hug, squeezing until she started to laugh."alright bighead get off, I'm not mad anymore."

pulling away you nodded."good."

"just go upstairs and change, I'll warm up some food and bring it up."  she waved you off upstairs.

looking around, you were trying to find which door was the one you were supposed to go in, opening doors that would potentially scar you for life.

still you found the bedroom with clothes laid out and you slip them on. nothing revealing like your friend but comfy in its own right. she brought you leggings and a tube top.

once you were dressed you took a look around the room, it had a romantic vibe to it. everything had a low tint of red and you could smell rose.

but that scent was quickly covered by the delicious smell of savory dinner approaching closer.

gyuni appeared with two plates, walking over to you and offering you one. "sit on that side of the bed."

she tells you while walking to the other side, setting her plate on the night stand and taking the time to collect her hair into a ponytail.

you watch, mesmerized as it bounced."ish you have such long hair it's ridiculous. cut some off and give it to me."

laughing, she shook her head, taking her plate in her lap."never. I only look good with glasses because of my hair."

"you remind me of those teachers in shoujo animes." you took a fork of your kimchi and shoved it in your mouth.

"ew the ones with the tight blouses that I know are not their size?"

you shook your head, trying to keep from laughing so you wouldn't choke. "I've never met a teacher that looks like that, you're like the closest thing."

"except I have a realistically proportioned body—you don't see me walking around like a stick with two coconuts shoved down my shirt with highlighter smeared on them."

you shook your head, literally imagined two coconuts with highlighter and shimmering in the caribbean sun.

slowly the joking died down and you both continued to eat. every now and then gyuni would get up and bring napkins or a drink.

"It's been a while since I had a sleepover, kinda forgot how to do these things." she admits. moving her empty plate to the nightstand and wiping her face.

"I know usually there's a bunch of snacking, movie watching, then we studied because our life goal was to try to get into the same college..then if we weren't asleep we'd talk about boys."

it fell silent for a minute as you bit down on your fork, leaving teeth marks in it the harder you bit.

then you felt a soft hand touch your shoulder and you stop."do you want to talk about boys?" her voice soft in your ear.

you shook your head but didn't speak. you knew what would happen if you tried.
"I don't have to talk..I can just listen." she offers, taking your plate away and turning you to face her.

"I know it's hard..but things will improve. we can always look on the brightest side of the sun...we're spending more time together and making more memories. friendships last a long time you know?"

she squeezed your fingers and you forced a tug on your lips.

"you know we'd go blind looking at the sun." you tried to lighten the mood and she offered a sympathetic smile.

carefully she reached over and started to run her fingers through your hair until you started to slump onto her shoulder.

as you started to drift you heard her mumble.

"I'll make sure you're happy again. that traitor will be nothing but a foggy memory...you'll question if he ever even existed or if it was just a dream."

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