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you snatched your phone off the desk, jabbing the touch screen until you started to worry it would crack. pushing the warm device to your ear. it rings and you pace.

"oh r-rita?" you didn't answer the stammering male on the other line, actually questioning your own actions now that you were hearing his voice."hello? please baby don't call just to ignore me."

yeah you were definitely regretting it.
"I didn't mean to call. goodbye namjoon."

"don't be like that, it's not a good look for either of us to act like we can't talk."

you paused, glaring at the phone. he was somewhat right. now that the wedding was off you'd both have to figure out things like how you'd split the cancelled wedding costs and other arrangements.

you pinched your nose at the thought of that. you both worked to save over four thousand dollars just to save the wedding date.

a lot of money was being invested into this and now it was all useless. you knew soon both of your families would be in heated debates on who owes who.

"is anyone living in that head of yours?" his voice brought you out of money thoughts and you put the phone back to your ear.

"I need a ride home."

"oh... It'll take a minute but okay."

falling back into your chair, you used your shoulder to hold the phone in place, shoving work into your bag. "be here in fifteen."

hanging up, you shook your head, thinking back to the supply closet. why would they keep secrets from you? why does everyone keep so many secrets from you?

it's not like you would care. you were only sort of friends with seokjin and it's not like there's a dating ban here.

this was making your head hurt.

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