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clack clack clack.

the tapping of heels was far from the loudest thing you could hear in that large place.
in fact you almost missed it among the mass floods of rolling wheels, men and women on conference calls and tired, cranky children.

"finally, we found you."

peaking an eye open, you see gyuni standing in front of you and your cuddle pile of boys, giving you a moment to adjust to the blinding lights of the always awake airport.

you grunt, burying your face in yoongi's warm chest and smiling when he rewelcomes you into his embrace with a soft sigh and an arm over your waist.

he was tired, you were tired, everyone was tired and loving.

even jungkook and taehyung managed to tolerate each other long enough to sit together, drooling and slumped over each other's shoulders—both keeping close to you in some way.

the guys had brought you up to the airport and had all bundled up close as you took a two hour nap, waiting for your plane to arrive.

no one knew exactly how to say goodbye or how to let you go after all of this time, so you all avoided it until you couldn't any longer.

meanwhile gyuni and chanyeol stood wide awake as they had the unwelcome experience of dealing with security after gyuni got the two of them caught up when she forgot to take off her anklet and set off the alarms multiple times.

"you ready to go?" chanyeol tilts his head, tapping his fingers inside of his coat pocket. he was shaking with excitement, anxiously binge watching his memories with you, trying to catch up so he'd be ready to watch the newest season.

you nod, forcing yourself to get up and grab your carry on, stretching in your sweatpants and exposing your tummy with a yawn.

yoongi nagged and warned you about long flights so you decided to entertain the idea of baggy sweats and a slouched long sleeved shirt, whereas gyuni opts for a somehow prettier version of the exact same thing.

pivoting on your heel, you turn to the boys, smiling softly at their handsome faces, twitching your nose as you tried to figure out exactly what you wanted to say.

you could be sappy, or goofy as hell—goodbyes were weird like that, you never know what's the proper way to go.

before you could speak however, yoongi steps up and pulls you into his arms, unafraid to show the world just how much you meant to him, unashamed of his sniffling and cracked voice as he whispers into your hair. whispering wishes for protection and self care while away.

and you held on, resting with his heartbeat–you didn't have to speak when your hearts began to beat in time with each other.

"and don't worry about franklin, hoseok and I will be like the cool uncles to him," yoongi laughs though he knows that he has to let you go, and so he pulls back, raising your chin and offering a somewhat bitter sweet smile.

meanwhile jimin steps up in his place, taking your hands and blocking everything else from your line of sight, rubbing your fingers so that they tingled and stayed warm long after he can no longer touch you.

"whatever you do, don't fly too close to the sun—no matter how exciting it might feel at first, always come back home...always come back to me."

you nod, taking the time to warm his hands also."it's gonna be weird to not be able to call you to sit with me at night."

"actually..." he drifts, smiling as he guides you into one of the airport shops and leads you to a rack of stuffed animals.

"pick one."

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