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some secrets aren't revealed in the light of day, but the emptiness of night.

that's what you learned while you were planning your meeting with namjoon. lately you've been getting little sleep and the guys have been concerned about you.

they've asked if it was stress, work, health, or anything else under the sun. but you've been hiding a secret from them, you haven't been tired because of any of those things.

you're tired because you've been watching an entirely new world unfold before your eyes, you had intentions to sneak out without them knowing so you started watching to see when they left the house.

It wasn't always intentional however. it actually started when you really needed a snack one night and you found that hardly any of the guys were asleep,

you wondered what they could be doing up so late, and you were burning with wonders of how they acted when you weren't around.

tonight your tired eyes follow as jungkook walked to the front door in a school uniform, seokjin moving just behind him with car keys.

"jungkook goes to night school?"

you then noticed taehyung leaving next, he never made much of a sound and you almost missed him.

also you quickly learned that jimin likes to take strolls by the ocean, but he doesn't take too long and he'd always come back smelling like the sea and sand.

yoongi and hoseok always seemed to either be going out to the movies or sitting around, yoongi was usually in the kitchen on the phone and hoseok sits in the front yard.

you liked these nights for two reasons, you were learning more about the guys, and you were learning their schedules so you could settle things with namjoon.

you didn't know why you were so pent up on doing this alone..perhaps it's too personal to let anyone else get involved..and if those guys were hired to look after you, there's no way they'd let you go back to the man that started this.

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