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you gathered around the table while the man who gave you the cupcake earlier today laid out a plate of cookies for you.

"thank you yoongi." seokjin hummed.

"yoongi?" you repeated curiously, looking up to see that gummy smile reappear. he looked just as sweet as the desserts he baked with his rosy cheeked and you even thought you seen a few freckles on his nose.

"mhm, it's a pleasure to meet you rita."
his voice melting, forcing you to turn away to hide the grin developing.

"beside him is jimin—jungkook is the one serving the milk." gyuni introduced the two men.

taking it as his cue to step forward, setting a glass of milk in front of you. jungkook's demeanor was more of a silent presence but he seemed to be pleasant.

jimin on the other hand has a softness in his gaze, brushing a strand of hair from off his nose, twitching cutely.

"I'll introduce myself." a deep voice whispered and another man stepped forward, bowing at the waist with his hands still together."it's a pleasure to meet a beautiful woman like yourself, please know me as taehyung."

you didn't answer him immediately, waiting for your heart rate to calm after that shocking low vibrato made it leap.

"I-Its nice to meet you taehyung."

these guys were way too handsome to work as movers, honestly you'd move everyday if you got to see those faces. "so what's this all—"

"wait there's one more.." seokjin looked back, scrunching his nose when he doesn't see who he's looking for. "he was just here."

"sorry sorry." a man stepped into the room, rubbing the back of his neck."I almost forgot, ms. yoh we wanted to give you these."

he pulls a small basket that was filled with different candies, treats and movies from around the door frame.

seokjin nods in approval."this is hoseok and as you can see he's a very sweet guy."

"and they're not movers." gyuni cleared up, ushering for them to sit down.

"they're your boyfriends."

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