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you grunt, squinting as a light shines into your eyes. after a moment of irritation you scratch your head through your silk night scarf and sit up.

sighing, you rub your eyes until you see franklin pressing his foot against the tv remote.

"why aren't you in your tank? go to sleep." your voice droops and you slide your body out of the bed.

grabbing the green animal and slipping him into his tank, you nudge him his tiny bowl full of lettuce and other scraps for his "salad."

since you were up you might as well get a drink.

walking down the steps you feel your way down, not ready to commit to using your tired eyes.

at the same time as you walked you could hear a door pulling shut and you pause, huffing. judging by th activity it must be three o' clock.

"they never say goodbye." you frown as you
step to the front door, looking out through the peephole to see that yoongi and jungkook were in fact pulling out the driveway.

three in the morning was the time that you'd hear jungkook and seokjin leaving for night school like clock work.

however since seokjin's been away yoongi took on taking jungkook to school. honestly you've been meaning to ask them about it but you always seem to forget.

shaking your head you turn to the kitchen, maybe you'll try to ask them in the morning, after you get a drink and get a few more hours of drooling in.

opening the refrigerator, you see a small tin box and sigh; taking it out to see that it was a boxed lunch."ish.."

you look up to the door where the two men had left, knowing it was too late to catch them."I wonder if this is his breakfast.."

about time those files come in handy.

mumbling under your breath, you try to recite the name of the address on jungkook's file, the school that he was currently studying at.

your memory was fuzzy because of your brain's nightly vacation but you recalled something in jungkook's file notes about how he started working so young that he never got to finish university. night schooling was his way to graduate while maintaining a job now that he was older.

it would be a kind thing to bring this to him..he probably can't even afford to spend too much extra money on more food between paying for classes and his fake girlfriends.

"but it's so far." you sigh. knowing that by the time you got to the school and drove all the way back it would be time to go to work.

you'd have to compromise.

you drove around the school, looking out the window until you seen a familiar boy walking on the campus grounds.

jungkook held his head low, sighing at the crisp air, the odd transition between the sun and moon present.

he had already been to three of his classes by the time the clock read nine and was heading out. he thought he had his breakfast with him but since seokjin was the one to usually remind him about it he must've left it.

jungkook looks up to see your car pulling up at the campus, but you guess he didn't recognize it at first because when you wave your fingers he looks up in surprise and awe.

"r-rita?" jungkook stumbled, freezing where he stood on the campus grounds. a girl standing beside him with books of her own.

you get out of the car and do a odd fast walk, holding down your work skirt and trying not to break your heels.

honestly you were tired and wanted to crash in the grass for a nap. but you managed to hide your tired well enough when you stopped by the young student and held out his boxed lunch.

"is this yours?"

it seemed to take a moment for it to register but eventually jungkook was able to make his hands grasp the box that you held out to him.

you took that as a solid yes.

"make sure you eat well, and be more careful." you scrunch your nose."I'm not your mom so don't expect me to remind you to grab your lunch everyday."

"oh..babe I could've shared my breakfast with you if you told me." the girl beside jungkook covered her mouth with the sleeve of her cardigan. seeming somewhat disappointed and  embarrassed that she hadn't realized he hadn't eaten anything.

she quickly turned to you and waved with her free hand, the one that wasn't holding books."I'm winnie, jungkook's—"

"girlfriend." you finish with a bright rosy smile on your cheeks."I can tell by how fondly he keeps looking at you."

"really?" her eyes seemed to gloss over and she covers them, giggling to herself before turning back to you."I promise I'll look out for him better."

her energy shoots up before kissing jungkook on the cheek and waving to him. "I'll see you tonight okay?"

the moment she's gone jungkook uses the back of his hand to wipe off her lip gloss.

"she's a client." he huffs as he opens up his breakfast and starts to eat despite standing in the middle of grassy land.

"yeah too bad, she's very pretty." you shrug and rub your arms. seriously it was too cold for you to be out there.

jungkook notices and shakes his head."you didn't have to come,I would've made something when I got home."

"and when was that going to be? yoongi has clients so he wasn't going to pick you up."

"I was going to take the bus." he shrugs you off and starts to walk away.

"or you can let me do something nice for you. I can get you home quicker than the bus can. I just have to finish some things at the office and then we'll head back."

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