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you wonder if seokjin knew what he was walking into when he returned home. you know for sure that you wouldn't have expected to be welcomed the way he was.

seokjin stepped through the door just as you and jimin were running down the hall. ducking under his arm, you quickly latch into his coat."base! seokjin is base!"

what got into the two of you between last night and this morning to make you both feel so bold is far too troublesome to explain, perhaps on a different day.

jimin slowed down, pacing around like a caged cat ready to pounce, the gloss of his chubby cheeks raise and you watch the fat of his lips curve.

"you can't stay by his side forever," he warns with a chuckle before disappearing into the kitchen.

seokjin's gaze follows jimin as he eyes the casual wear that the boy was wearing.

"what did you all do while I was gone?" he mumbles under his breath. the house was a mess and everyone seemed to be lounging around doing their own thing.

basically the exact opposite of what he asked them to do.

"we made some improvements," you answer and help remove his coat, feeling the warmth of the inside and actually deciding to throw it onto yourself for a moment.

"improvements?" he grunts as he places his hand under his chin, frowning and trying to work out the scene in his head—hoping that he could figure out exactly when things went wrong here.

before he could question further your cheeks perk up as you look to him, he definitely dressed like he'd been traveling, like a true business man.


seokjin looks up when you call him, chin still on his palm."hm? can I do something for you rita?"

"lets go on a date."

your voice raises in a court manner, your body swaying as you push up and down on the balls of your toes.

"uhm," he blinked, feeling stuck, not because he didn't like you but because you spoke so enthusiastically that he forgot for a brief moment, and a brief moment only that it was his duty to tend to you and it surely wasn't an actual date.

when he doesn't immediately answer, you pout. wrapping his coat around your frame, your body language was innocent but your eyes were tantalizing to him,

with a coy smile you watched as he rubbed the back of his neck."alright, let's go on a date."

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