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namjoon picked you up and took you back home. he tried talking on the drive but you weren't having it.

you had one plan, get your stuff then find a hotel or apartment to stay in for a while. you couldn't stand the thought of being around anyone who would keep secrets from you anymore.

when arriving at your little house you stepped out of the car and reached out to the front door reluctantly, you were just going to go in, grab your stuff and leave. easy.

grabbing the door handle you twisted and it swung right open. now you were puzzled because you hadn't put the key in yet.

then it came to you, namjoon must've stopped locking it for whatever stupid reason, you always were the one to stress securing the house.

stepping inside, the main lights were shining and music playing, you thought you even heard the tv. did he seriously leave all of this stuff on?

grunting you stepped around the corner and huffed."namjoon I swear just because we broke up doesn't mean you can just do anything with our house." you shouted as you walked to the bedroom. he was acting like it was a bachelor pad.

twisting the door open you stood frozen.

two guys were making your bed with sheets you hadn't seen before. one of the two had his sleeves rolled up his arms while the other had his hanging.

meeting your eyes, the one with long sleeves smiles, giving you a small wave before turning to the other and pushing the bed.

pointing at them, your mouth dropped."is that m-my bed?"

you didn't get a chance to wait for an answer when you felt a hand squeeze your shoulder and a shadow over your head.

"jungkook put those muscles to use and help me bring up the dressers."

nodding, the guy with the rolled up sleeves stopped pushing the bed and started to follow the guy who was standing over you.

looking down he smiled at you and took you by surprise by tickling your nose, he had an soft laugh that made his rosy cheeks more noticeable and before you could say anything he was gone as quickly as he came.

cocking your head you watched the two disappear."jungkook?" you mumbled the name under your breath and walked back downstairs only to suddenly become aware of the sweet scent of pastries dancing and smells of seeping jasmine tea being poured into mugs.

you step into the kitchen where you listen to the tea kettle's whistle as it's herbal color stains the water.

looking up, you watched a man with an apron wrapped around his hips tilting the kettle into several mugs, seven to be exact.

looking up, he offers you a gummy smile and attempts to wipe flour from his face.
"oh I didn't think you'd be home so early—angel cake?"

he offers you a small pastry with a lace liner decorating the bottom. hesitantly you accept his treat and step out of the kitchen, giving a polite smile.

"why am I being so nice...they're in my house!" you mumble, picking at the forbidden cake. you shouldn't be eating it but it's aroma was starting to get to you, besides you still never got lunch.

"rita!" you turned the corner to find namjoon standing in the living room, looking just as awestruck as you felt.

scratching his head with his nose scrunched, namjoon's eyes tried to soak in everything he was seeing.

"you hired movers?" his voice cracked, swallowing so his voice would mend itself.

"no I-I haven't been here, I thought you were throwing a party."

he turned and the two of you exchanged glances.

"rita I haven't been home since that day we..I didn't feel comfortable being here– how could I throw a party and this is my first time being back?"

wait so these were really strangers in your house?

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