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so you stopped faking. for most of the walk you took it easy, letting hoseok carry you around the neighborhood and you simply enjoyed the ride.

"jungkookie." taehyung called out, he had disappeared somewhere up ahead and you hadn't seen him for a while.

jungkook lifted his head from seokjin in the direction that his name was called."what?"

around the corner jimin appeared, cheeks swollen with a smile. stepping up to the taller male he chuckled."you've been summoned to duel with your majesty of the kim providence, kim taehyung the third."

"the third?" you repeated back in surprise though yoongi shook his head."don't listen to him, he's the only taehyung the world can handle."

"what do I win if I accept?" jungkook arched his eyebrow curiously.

"well I'm glad you asked," taehyung appeared from being a tree, a devious expression on his face as he walked past his opponent and stood beside you.

"whoever wins gets the opportunity to impress her highness of course."  he made the offer sound deliciously irresistible though to you it was completely embarrassing.

jungkook exchanged a look between yoongi and seokjin before finally locking eyes with you.

after a moment you think you caught his lips curl."deal."

now taehyung was excited, smiling he grabbed two loose branches and tossed one to jungkook.

"fight!" jimin squeaked with a laugh, covering his mouth as he judged the two boys.

each time one would swing the other would block and strike back, and here you were; sitting and enjoying the playful fighting for your hand.

yoongi helped you slide off hoseok's back as you tried to clap for the two competitors.

it was a fair fight really, jungkook looked stronger but taehyung was unpredictable and loved to taunt you honestly didn't know who would win though it's not like you'd lose.

however given the circumstance you weren't expecting to hear a loud yell and suddenly catch a blur run between the fight with two sticks of his own; taking out both taehyung and jungkook with a bright laugh.

hoseok stepped on top of taehyung's corpse and laughed, lifting his stick in triumph."looks like I won."

he steps down and you heard the two other men moan in defeat. "I couldn't give you up that easy now could I?"

hoseok ruffles his hair, breathing heavy."today is just our day wouldn't you say rita?"

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