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"how could yoongi just leave me to grab all of this?" you scrunch your nose as you hug the groceries to your chest.

yoongi had went inside to get the others but hadn't returned.

you stepped in the door, carrying a large paper sack in your arms, balancing it with your knee as you push it into the kitchen counter."guys can you—"

"aw admit it! if you just say it then we might consider leaving you alone."

you scrunched up your nose, doing your best to sneak when you hear the tapping of your heels and grimace, pausing and slipping the shoes of your feet.

standing in a almost perfect circle,leaving a gap for you to see–the boys were surrounding a chair, jungkook being held to it.

"we would've let you go if you just admitted it an hour ago." taehyung's eyes crinkle as he bends down to the level of his younger.

he tilts his nose to the croak of jungkook's neck, lips barely grazing the skin when his lips pull apart into his quirky smile.

"it sure smells like rita's perfume, but isn't that only in her room? how did you get it kookie?"  his laughter makes you shiver.

jungkook's face was looking warm, you noticed that he generally kept his head bowed and seemed more interested in looking at the carpet than at the others despite his usually straight forward persona.

he was...embarrassed? for some reason it was kind of cute.

"let me go you—"

"and you always make of point of not wanting anyone else to help rita in the kitchen so you can be her personal assistant."

"aw kookie has a school boy crush."

your eyes widened and you stepped back, suddenly deciding to slam the front door closed again.

silence took over and you coughed."would someone please help with the groceries?"

"alright so what are we cooking?"

"well we should eat smaller but more frequent meals to make sure you don't get hungry but are eating enough." jin explained, leaning back on the kitchen counter.

"so we'll have breakfast followed by a small snack, then lunch and a snack. then dinner and a final snack."

"alright sounds like a plan to me. so what should I take out first?" you put your hands together, ready to work.

"hm? take out?" seokjin turned to you with a questioning face before waving his hands and dismissing your choice.

"no we don't need any of that stuff...actually we don't have to do anything."

you frowned, now you were lost. "I don't get it."

"we're not talking about physical food rita, but food for your heart," he nods and turns to the kitchen entrance. gesturing for the other guys to step in.

the men stood together in front of you with soft eyes and turned lips.

"breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks sprinkled in-between," seokjin points to each guy.

"we're here to protect your heart. we might not be the diet you were looking for but we work just as well. we'll protect your heart—that's why we're here."

yoongi smiled at you, nodding knowingly and in agreement with seokjin."you're happy with yourself but you're doing this because you're scared of other people. we won't let you change yourself for them.I wasn't going to let you buy things you didn't actually want just to impress other people."

you stood with your head bowed, smiling to yourself. perhaps it was the reassurance that you weren't going to face these people alone, or perhaps knowing that you aren't going to force yourself to eat what you didn't like, but either way you felt happy.

because what what do you know...they did come with an inspirational quote.

[+]I feel like the first half of the book is over andI'm so excited for the second half—to me the second half is just more exciting

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I feel like the first half of the book is over and
I'm so excited for the second half—to me the second half is just more exciting.

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