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so apparently, once your boyfriend, always your boyfriend.

after you confessed your pain to yoongi, he took you home–abandoning whatever wedding he was supposed to be attending.

you were so tired from your long emotional morning that you fell asleep during the drive back, and when you got inside your house, you were surprised to see that the others had gathered as well.

and gyuni was the first to meet you when you walked in, hugging you and asking repeatedly if you were alright, but you only nodded and fell onto the couch, closing your eyes.

"rita it's okay. you can cry...you don't have to act tough with us."

you could feel the reassuring hands of jimin resting on your back as you laid, face planted in the pillow on your couch.

"no," your voice came out muffled in the fabric before sitting up, carefully nudging away jimin's hand.

"I'm tired of crying, crying has gotten so old—I just want that son of a—I just want namjoon to leave me alone for once.

"what did I do to deserve this? did I do something wrong?" you squint your eyes as
you feel the presence of four men around you. jungkook especially, as he sat at your right hand side.

"I didn't do anything wrong. I loved him the best I could, I tried being friends. I-I tried everything and he just keeps putting me through this cycle of misery,"

you shake your head, resting your head in your palms. the more you thought, the more you realized that uneasy feeling in your stomach was anger.

and then with your realization, you grunted.

"It's not me, it's him. does he think he has the right to attack me for his mistakes, because he's mad that I won't take him back?" your gaze darted towards hoseok who slowly nodded and tapped his nose.

you were right on the button.

"you know what? I'm tired of playing the victim," your voice lowered and you pushed off the couch, excusing yourself from everyone's company.



"do you think I'd look good in orange?"

"uh...it's not your best color, why?"

"I just think I should really consider giving orange a try," stepping out the front door, you didn't wait for their reaction to your words.

but after a moment you realized something wasn't right and you stepped back into the house, confusion twisted on your face.

"where's the car?"

looks were exchanged, everyone questioning the other with their eyes but no one verbally speaking up.

something was missing, something wasn't adding up, but you knew it was an obvious answer—you just couldn't put your finger on it.

eventually you studied the room, trying to figure out a reasonable explaination—you then realized that the answer to your question was yet another question.

"where's jin and taehyung?"


ooooh the story is so close to the end!

anyway, what days do you guys get online the most? I really want to have a day next week where I talk to you all on discord and we write crazy prompts together that I publish and just get to know you guys and have fun.

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