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hoseok returned to your table after sometime. all he had to do was shake his head for you to understand what he meant.

"where is he?"

hoseok nods towards the men's room and you look back, nodding as you stand from your seat and walk towards the room.

when you got close you were stopped by a server who asks if you were looking for the ladies room.

"no, actually my boyfriend didn't look too good and came back here, I think I might need to give him his medicine."

the waiter nodded quietly, looking hesitant but eventually letting you go.

and lucky for you the room wasn't a complete mess like you imagined. it even had a fancy velvet sitting area for the men who just needed to sit and get away from their table and marble sinks with mints on them.

you didn't look far when a man stepped behind you and you squeaked, squeezing your eyes closed and covering them with your hands for extra protection.

"seokjin? hello?" you stepped further into the room, squirming the farther you went.

"I'm just trying to find my boyfriend," you'd point out every now and then just in case someone was looking at you questionably.

eventually you felt a shadow over you and heard a sigh towering over your head, the second a hand touches your arm you yelp and jump back."seokjin?"

"mhm, lets go," he pushes you backwards and you know he's sending you out. but despite your better judgement you push away from him.

"wait, I'm not leaving until you hear me out,"

"rita..." he stops and groans.

"I'm sorry I didn't realize how badly you were hurting sooner, I..."

you could feel seokjin tensing up and he starts to push you out again, this time starting to open the door.

"—and I know you don't want to hear it but I really need you to know that people love you, especially me." you released a breath and sighed.

he froze, and you took this as a chance to explain yourself.

"I should've realized it when you bumped into me on that day I was working late. I kept wondering why would you stay out so late for someone you don't even know."

"and everytime I felt like someone was watching me, it was you. you even went as far as to set up this entire boyfriend thing for me even when I didn't want it."

you ignored the sound of men talking all around the two of you, adjusting your hands on your eyes.

"I thought it was cute how you ate my food as if you never had a home cooked meal before..."

you shake your head, it hurt the more that you put it together—the more you said, the more real it felt.

"seokjin have you ever had a home cooked meal?"

he didn't say anything immediately, seeming to hesitate and stumble on his words before finally deciding on his response. "what does this have to do with anything?"

"you only talked about your parents when you were lecturing the guys on rules and etiquette..did they ever teach you about anything besides that?"

"rita my family was complicated, their way of raising me was to teach me to be a respectable person."

your blood was hot and you couldn't stop it. dropping your hands, you glared at seokjin, his face still as calm as the first time you bumped into him.

"but they were so busy lecturing and disciplining you that they forgot to show you how much they love you–and that's why you joined the company, so you could fill in the void with fake relationships because you felt unloved."

you shook your head, rubbing your arms.
"that's why you took me in as your personal project, so I wouldn't have to feel unloved after namjoon—"

he grabs the sides of your face, creating a block for everything around you. all you could see was the browning of his skin, and the softness in his eyes.

"namjoon messed up rita, and I didn't want you to ever think that it had anything to do with you. what was I supposed to do? you were young and happy and getting ready to get married..that can destroy someone's spirit."

"like your family destroyed yours?"

again he bite his lip, becoming quiet at the mention.

"when you were leaving for that trip to beijing, even then you were taking care of me, and when I tried to show you how much I would miss you, you brushed it off as if you didn't matter, as if it weren't possible for people to miss you."

you let your fingers brush his hair out of his face, cheeks pushed up as you smile.

"you're amazing seokjin. and you're already surrounded by people who love you....not literally surrounded right now but.."

now your lips curl as you make him laugh, his laugh was nice, odd, but nice.

"you give everyone so much love and make them love themselves but you won't let me do the same for you, as if you can only be loved if you're perfect. I want the real seokjin, I want you to tell your dumb jokes and stuff yourself and have fun, whether I rented you or not, I will care about you, okay?"

his demeanor was more at ease, more accepting. his lips turn up and he nods. "yeah."

"good..now please get me out of here without looking weird."

now it was your turn to laugh as he hugs you to his chest and you both try to come up with a way to get out of the men's room without looking suspicious.

that night the three of you enjoyed your dinner, and seokjin willingly ate it all while listening to you and hoseok talking about any and everything. his cheeks full and his odd laugh echoing through the building, you knew it would potentially get you all kicked out—but at least he was happy.

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