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"ah rita-ssi.". gyuni walked into your office, you both tried using honorifics before at work but it didn't work out. perhaps gyuni was trying to give it another shot to sound more professional.


"I have a major request for you to proofread and give to one of the guys, I think you might need to call this one back and get a little more information since her requests weren't very specific and some stuff right on the bottom..."

she leans over you desk, dark hair falling over your papers as she tries to find what she's looking for before resting her finger down.

"some of this right here is questionable so I think we need to verify some things with her. sounds like she could be in her mid thirties but wants a really young guy and she's not clear on what she wants from him."

you nod, taking a red pen and marking up some stuff. "so make sure she's not on the hunt for a boy toy basically?"

gyuni nods just as you both hear a knock on the door. and look up to see seokjin standing in the doorway.

smiling you nod to him."I don't have any requests for you but did you want something from me?

"no actually I wanted to talk to gyuni."

the glasses wearing gyuni meanwhile was bending over to fix her stockings when she heard her name come up. raising her head her eyes widened. "me?"

jin nodded, gesturing for her to follow him out and not so much as giving you a goodbye wave or look.

you scrunched up your nose, why was he so rude? so now he didn't want to talk to you just because you didn't want to hang out?

and of course everyone goes back to gyuni.
sometimes you wonder why you had to be friends with someone so..her.

sticking your tongue out you sighed and rung the lady from the latest request.

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