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you finished the paperwork and needed to return it to gyuni before lunch. well you didn't need to do it but you really just wanted to get this extra work off your desk. after all, responsibility wasn't your middle name.

tapping on the table you waited for her to get back from dealing with seokjin. but the clock kept ticking and still no gyuni.

slumping in your chair, you puff out your cheeks."I'm so hungry." your eyes drew themselves to the doorway.

part of you wanted to get up and give her the paperwork–the other part however really didn't want to get up for that.

the clock continued to tick for the prolonged time. "come on..if I don't get up I'll miss lunch and starve for the rest of the day."

sliding the rolling chair back you push yourself up and grunt, stretching your arms while stepping back into the heels you kept under the desk because lets be honest, you work barefoot if no one can see your feet.

collecting the paper, you exited into the main halls to welcome loud chatter, printers beeping and vibrating, the occasionally blinding red and green flashes of computer screens and even a couple of smiles from others.

while walking down the hall you encountered a sudden chill when walking past euna's office, she always kept a fan blowing in there.

but it was okay because jihoon kept the heater on in his doorway, making your skin feel toasty again.

stepping into the lunch quarters you took a deep inhale of the savory flavors laid out.

platters of sandwiches and vegetables were sitting out along with whatever else everyone brought. lunch was considered a social time between everyone at romantique and was treated as such, everyone bringing small things to contribute to everyone's meals and encourage good work ethic.

your eyes try to soak in as much detailing as possible, bouncing across heads until you came to the conclusion that gyuni wasn't here yet.

"excuse me," you cleared your throat and rubbed your arm. a few people turned towards you with high eyebrows and twisted looks.

you hadn't spoken to many people in a while and now that you think about it, this was actually your first time back in the lunch quarters since the incident, no wonder they looked so lost.

"has anyone seen gyuni?"

murmurs were exchanged a bit between everyone before a guy in the back spoke up, sandwich midway to his mouth."she was in the supply closet the last time I checked."

"oh, thank you." you bowed and waved them off, turning away. well that wasn't as awkward as you felt it would be.

sighing you started walking down to the supply closet, it was on the entire opposite side of the building.

halfway there you stopped and took off your heels. you couldn't keep doing this to yourself.

as you moved the rest of the way you noticed how vacant this side of the building looked when everyone was at lunch.

it was disturbingly quiet and still. even with all the hall lights on, many office doors were closed or the lights were out. for some reason the quietness of the area made you start trying to be quiet yourself as if being loud would get you into trouble.

you get to the large room and twist open the door, stepping inside you heard muffled voices.

"but I just think we need to ask her first."

"—she won't understand if we do. she's already heartbroken...if she knows she'll feel worse." seokjin whispered.

"but I don't want her to hate me...this is a big deal." gyuni sounded pretty upset though you couldn't see either of their faces as they had the lights out.

"—we can't just ignore these feelings gyuni. we both know we need to do this and for her sake we don't tell her–not right now."

there was a pause before gyuni finally spoke up again. "fine..I'm trusting you right now, but if I even think rita's suspicious about what's going on between us we're confessing okay?"

"of course, thank you for seeing things my way." seokjin agreed.

feelings? heartbroken? what were they talking about?

stepping back out you let go of the breath you held. shaking your head while turning back to your office.

it sounds like they didn't want you to know about a date...were those two secretly dating behind your back?

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