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you woke up to find a cotton drape over your body, your were warm. wrapping the blanket over like a candy wrapper you curl up into a ball.

you closed your eyes, planning to drag a few more hours of sleep out when you started to remember the events of the night before.

groaning you shake your head,"so embarrassing.." you grunt and try to shake off the feelings of wanting to shove yourself in a hole; instead you push yourself up and stand.

looking down, you were still wearing your work clothes from the day before, and honestly you were getting pretty sick of that skirt.

dragging your feet down stairs, the sound of sizzling perk up your ears. rubbing you're eyes until you were dizzy–you peak around the corner to see seokjin and yoongi standing together.

they seemed to be having friendly conversation as seokjin cooking on the skillet and yoongi leaned over the counter, talking about who knows what.

with a yawn you step back, turning to peak out of your front curtains to see the deep voiced one...what was his name again?

he and jungkook sprayed down the drive way. already you could tell that the deep voiced one must've been the playful type because he kept threatening to spray his partner with the water.

you shake your head, stepping back and stumbling into someone's arms, turning around to see hoseok.

his demeanor was quiet but bright. his skin was glowing and you could see dimples faintly.
"you look like you hit the hay pretty hard."

he chuckles to himself. but you were too drowsy to find any humor in it yet. scratching your hair you tried to find a clock."what time is it?"

"it's time for you to take an off day and rest 'o clock." his dimples sink in again at his less than direct word plays.

"I should go brush my teeth.." you mumble under your still awaking voice. you weren't going to question what he was saying right now, maybe later but not now.

walking upstairs you lock your room door and take a shower, changing into a two piece pajama set consisting of a noodle strapped tshirt and a pair of drawstring shorts.

eventually you come out to see the bright man sitting on the bottom of the steps, upon seeing you he sits up a little straighter."breakfast is almost ready." he gestures to the kitchen and you tag along.

just finishing up the set up of the table, yoongi looks up to you."you look well rested."

he pulls out a chair but you cross your arms, stepping to the side when jimin steps into the room, bowing to you.

"breakfast is ready." seokjin calls and the two who were outside arrived shortly after and took their seats.

but not you. you stood with your blemished tired face, still rubbing your eyes. "are we just going to pretend like I didn't throw a fit last night over you being here?"

"really? you must've dreamt it." seokjin shrugs as he gestured to your plate.

"no I didn't... I got mad at gyuni for bringing you guys to help..." you stopped, shaking your head."I need to talk to her."

turning away you started to walk off when a hand took hold of your wrist, you looked back to face yoongi.

"eat first, get your strength up then talk okay?"

you paused, watching his eyes before letting your lips twitch. "you're right. here I am surrounded by really nice guys who cooked me breakfast and fixed up my house, it would be rude for me to not show appreciation."

this time you let yoongi sit you down, smiling softly before taking a bite of your first meal in the last twenty four hours.

you let the taste melt in your mouth before clapping your hands."I didn't know you could cook seokjin." you compliment and take another bite.

"I'm learning but thank you." you watched as his lips curve, glad to hear that you liked his cooking.

after a minute you stopped eating, looking between the six men. "now this is a little embarrassing but I can't remember all of your names, any tricks to help me remember?"

"yeah," the deep voiced one wiped his face, clearing his throat."just remember, taehyung is the name you'll be begging for every night."

his voice sends tingle down your spine as he shakes his head upon seeing your wide eyes.
"I'm mostly kidding," he laughs.

"truth be told you'll catch on the more you get to know us." the one with the silky black hair and candy like cheeks nods.

"so don't worry. we won't charge you for not remembering all six of us...although I'm prone to jealousy." yoongi finished off for him and you nodded.

"then I guess I had better get started on knowing you guys..what would you all like to do first?"

"walk." you turned you head to hoseok who had only just now broke apart his chopsticks to eat, looking up from his plate he offers a wink.

"lets take a walk first."

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