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you were shaking, clinging to the damp towel around you shoulders, the odd smell of burnt lint coming from the heater that seokjin was positioning on you.

jungkook kept his arms around you despite the slowly inching wetness that was soaking through his own clothes from running into the rain and holding you.

his hair completely matted and unruly.
you shivered in his arms, you were out in the rain far longer than healthy and if you didn't shake this cold edge you'd get sick.

"hell..." hoseok sucked the back of his finger, trying to find the right way to display his anger.   he wanted to comfort you but he also wanted to get back at the loser who hurt you.

"hell is right, I will tear his sorry ass—" taehyung stormed into the house, already unbuckling his belt—you weren't sure what he was going to do with it but you didn't want to find out.

"tae..taehyung no I'm fine, I don't want anyone to go after him just stay here."

"no rita, look at yourself. that was some next level petty, ridiculous—no I'm not letting it slide and I don't care what you say. I'm going to find that guy and-"

you forced yourself away from jungkook, a wave a chill hitting you as you grabbed taehyung by his sleeve midrant.

he stopped his rampage just long enough for you to cling to him and he sighs, wrapping his arms around you so you'd stay warm.

with a hand resting in your hair and his chin on your head he rocks you."don't do that again..don't scare me again."

you felt yourself nodding though you don't think it was visible.  there was a moment of peace before you hear a zipper sound and look up to see jimin.

he was slipping on a leather jacket and heading to the door, car keys in hand.


"don't rita." his tone thick enough to hang in the air well after he's spoken.

opening the front door, you move away from taehyung only to get another shock of chills and retreat back into his arms. "don't hurt him jimin."

there was a pause and jimin stood still, stopping only long enough for him to assure you of one thing.

"don't worry, he won't feel a thing when I'm done."

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