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you stopped at the neighborhood lake, sitting in the grass, making you itch.  just behind you was the sound of someone else's footsteps.

"go away gyuni!" 

you sniffed, wiping your face with your arm, rubbing your eyes from irritation.

"I'm sorry to disappoint..but I'm not gyuni." a low delicate voice seemed to echo from up in the sky.

you looked up to the moon as if half expecting it to speak.

"but if you really need to get something off your chest I can pretend to be her." the voice blew into the wind and you turned to find its mysterious owner.

standing a polite distance away was a tall lean figure, he was holding his arm behind his back, rocking on the heels of his feet. the night air tossed his hair and you could faintly see dimples from the way his lips stretched.

you hiccuped and wiped your eyes, "since you're not screaming at me to go I'm going to take that as an invitation to stay." he bends down and sits beside you.

you hug your knees to your chest, trying to look at him without making it obvious.

he was looking up at the moon, the light reflecting in his eyes.

"I just wish they hadn't embarrassed me like that, they actually got people to pretend to care about me..wouldn't that hurt your feelings too?"

"I think that question leaves a lot to be desired..but what if we change it around and ask, what if they wanted people around to care about you until you were strong enough to care for yourself?"

you blinked, sucking your inner cheek and bowing your head.

"suppose you broke your legs, someone would support your weight until they were better again. what if the same thing goes for love? what if your heart was broken and you need someone to support the weight until its mended?"

"you're saying that gyuni wasn't trying to push people on me?"

"I think she knows you better than that."

you thought about this a while, you tossed it and looked it over until you began to calm down. now the only thing remaining was a small headache from you excessive crying.

slowly you felt the man rubbing your arm, coaxing you into stretching yourself out against his lap, using his thigh as your pillow. he was warm despite the chill in the air and you found his fingers dancing in your hair.

your tears had long since faded and your cheeks remained stained though you were calm. you were okay for now. and before you knew it you were asleep.

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