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turtle in your arms you furrowed you eyebrows."what's going on?" you squinted, wishing you could see better.

gyuni stepped up until you could see her features. "you weren't supposed to know till later but we heard that you've been here already."


she nodded and gestured towards the front door. just as she started to lead you in she notices namjoon and stops.

"does he have to come in?" she whispers. you thought a minute and shook your head.

you turn to namjoon who huffs, "there were strangers in here earlier. how do I know you're not trying something?"

"because I wouldn't stab someone I love in the back." she shot back just as instinctively.

shaking his head he doesn't fight but waves you off as he goes back to sit in the car.

you both walk inside where you are treated by the perfect vision of men standing like poise butlers, shoulder to shoulder with their hands clasped in front as if waiting for royalty's arrival.

one of them you recognized as seokjin. "surprise." his voice faded into the now softly lit house. 

you looked around in awe; the place was completely different from before. you hardly recognized it. there was no traces of namjoon's shoes or messy coats.

the place had a more spring vibe.  it was neater and it smelled like...honey! the men stepped to either side of the hall to make room for you, they had smiles just as bright as the room.

"why don't you check out upstairs?" gyuni hinted, nudging your shoulder.

you looked to her curiously but found yourself racing up the steps to your bedroom, opening the door to find an almost unrecognizable queen bed.

the baseboards were repainted and new mattresses were as springy as ever.
you had a wide vanity and even those racks that hold all of your coats and jewelry.

and the best part, there was no trace of a man ever living there. if you hadn't know you would've thought they moved you into a new house.

"new chapter in your life means newly decorated house." gyuni shows off the apples of her cheeks, pushing her glasses up her nose. "I personally was in charge of the bedroom."

you could see why, remembering her lavished room. "this literally looks like a suite."

"and that's not even the best part." gyuni grabs your hand and pulls you into the closet, hitting a light switch and making you fall to the floor in excitement when you see what she did.

inside there were all your clothes, brand new, hats hanging on the walls and a few new purses. "how did you afford all of this?" your voice sounding on the verge of happy tears.

gyuni kneels beside you and smiles."we opened up donations at the office, everyone wanted to help you and we earned all of this...romantique really is a place of giving." her lips part with a smack.

"and no one else has to know this but I personally got you some stuff that I'll show you later–we just wanted to help you have a brand new start."

you dabbed the corners of your eyes and smiled, shaking your head."you know earlier today I was angry with you..I fell bad about that now."


"I heard you and seokjin talking in the supply room."

she paused and cocked her head, frames sliding down her nose. shaking her head before brushing her bangs and opening the closet door, helping you both up.

walking back downstairs, gyuni waves."jin I suppose we had better explain everything to her now."

"but first we should thank the movers for doing all of this work, right? maybe get them some snacks?" you suggested, not wanting these men to have to be here all night and be hungry.

unexpectedly this statement made jin laugh.
"actually they're not exactly movers..let us explain in the kitchen."


sometimes I consider writing butler stories

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