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"what is this?" you walked into the kitchen, already unbuttoning your blouse. that scene at work had you absolutely famished and you couldn't wait to sink your teeth into something, anything, everything.

the boy's seemed to be hard at work cooking and you couldn't help but notice how well groomed they all appeared in their fall attire.

you'd especially have to praise yoongi's choice of a handsomely slopped sweater that hung off his shoulder later.

shaking his head, hoseok stood up to you
and placed his hands on your shoulders, his lips already twitching with a smile before he could get the words out.

"nothing, but why don't you go get changed in something more comfortable just in case we change our minds and decide to jump in leaf piles or something."

he winks and you shake your head.

"way to be inconspicuous," you chuckle as you turn to walk up the steps– already a thousand ideas of what they're planning in your head.

still you got cleaned up and dressed up in your comfiest fall pieces–even adding a oversized cardigan once you think of the crisp coolness of the air.

when you return to the kitchen it was spotless and smelled like lemon, frowning you peak into the oven and then the microwave.

"where's all the food?" you huff, scrunching up your nose as you also notice that none of the boy's were anywhere in sight.

looking around your house you don't see any male activity, but instead you come across an odd trail of napkins that lead you to the front door where you see seokjin's car sitting out with the doors and trunk open.

in one of the backseat doors you could even see jungkook's butt wiggling as he tries to push something inside.

pushing the front door open, you jump when taehyung cuts in front of you, chasing down another napkin that you could guess he let blow away.

"Ish everyone was supposed to be packed before you came out," yoongi scrunched his nose, his freckles bunched together.

"hm I guess we'll have to make the second part a surprise then," he mumbles to himself before letting his eyebrows raise and his lips twitch."close your eyes."

you blinked at him but obeyed, closing your eyes and feeling a coolness over your lids, the soft sigh of yoongi's breath tickling the back of your neck as he ties some type of blindfold around your head.

with his fingers pressed against your back and your hand clutching the material of his already sloped sweater, he leads you to what you hope is the car.

you could hear the car shaking as someone gets in before receiving instructions from yoongi.

"alright just step up, right here—you got her? okay just sit down right there rita. alright is everyone good? alright I'll meet you there."

you flinch as the door slams shut despite who you were guessing was jungkook held your arm so you didn't lose a finger or something.

"alright everyone buckled in? and please doubt check and make sure rita doesn't go flying out the car or whatever weird thing she decides to do next."

"hey why did that sound so sarcastic?" you grunt as seokjin laughs, ignoring your question and starting the engine.

you could tell that you were in the backseat because seokjin sounded farther in front of you. easily you could guess that the guys took two different cars since each can only fit about four people.

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