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"open the door, open the damn door!"  taehyung's hand pounds on the apartment  door until seokjin pulls him back—afraid that he'd break the damned thing down.

still, it took several more hard swings for namjoon to appear, hair damp from a shower but a scowl on his face.

"Ish what is it? can't you see I'm in mourning?" namjoon clutches his heart through the black satin pajamas he wore, sighing as if trying to collect himself from a loss.

"I could've blessed someone by becoming their husband today, but they rejected me and now I'm in mourning for their loss,"

eventually he huffs and pops a chocolate into his mouth, stretching out the box to seokjin.
"no? fine, can't say I wasn't hospitable."

"she did nothing to you," seokjin tightened his jaw, he hated how casual his old colleague was being about something so painful.

"who? the chocolate lady? I mean yeah I guess I was a little harsh on her for giving me the ones with the orange creme inside but I wouldn't say that she's exactly innocent, especially once you see those prices."

"I don't care about your candy, after everything we've been through I thought I knew you better than this, you never just hurt people."

there was a noticeable quiet between the two before namjoon taps the top of his head as if a truth had come to him. "oh...seokjin? I almost didn't recognize you there for a second. Ish it's been so long since I stepped foot in that place..maybe I should consider working there again."

"quit avoiding the topic. you ruined someone's wedding just because you're that petty?" seokjin shoves his hands into his coat, squinting his eyes.

namjoon rubs his temple, closing his eyes and breathing until taehyung could see the cold breath in the air.

"look I know it seems like I'm the bad guy in this situation but I'm trying to help her and you're all making this very difficult for me."

pausing to chew on his sweets, he continues after a moment.

"rita has always lived in her own little space, she gets overly confident and forgets what the real world is like. I'm trying to help by making her realize that she can't be sensitive over every little thing someone does to her."

taehyung's movements were sharp, messy and angry. he didn't know how to sit still when his heart was beating so fast. "like breaking off an engagement for a date with her friend? don't play that bullshit with me, you could teach her to take care of herself without breaking her heart."

"says the man the lies to her everyday about loving her because you rather have her be ignorant and happy." namjoon's eyes were slothful in the way he looks taehyung up and down. he could tell he was a younger boyfriend, a more naive and in love one at that.

"yeah you're right—we rather see rita happy and know that we're hiding the reality of the world from her if it means that she doesn't get her heart stomped on," seokjin cut in, twirling his fingers in the neck of namjoon's silk.

"I promised myself that I was never going to let another person feel so useless that they end up falling apart and thinking that they're unloved beca—"

a light illuminates the dark figures standing out in the night air. as they turn to see who had parked in front of the house, the car door opens and you step out.

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