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"are you almost done?"

jungkook sighs as you lean over your desk, scribbling on some papers laid out. leaning forward he tries to peer at your work, chewing on a empty candy wrapper.

"because everyone else left like two hours ago," he reminds you for the fifth time–only each time he exaggerates the number a little more.

"yeah..yeah I'm almost done just let me get these papers from the copy room." you rub the crease between your nose and eyes until you were seeing odd colors.

your hair frizzling up and your lack of any motivation made it obvious of just how tired you were.

trying to slip your shoes on, you end up dozing off half way through the process, left shoe still dangling in your hand.

still watching, jungkook caught himself chuckling and cleared his throat. walking around he grabs your rolling chair from the back and pushes it out the door.

you opened your eyes to see a completely different scene then you remembered. you were sitting in the hallway by yourself.

"where to?" a suave voice tickles the back of your neck and you yelp.

"agh!" you flinch as jungkook appears from behind your desk chair, tilting his head as you clutched your heart. after a moment you calmed down.

"I was out of it wasn't I?"

he nods, unwrapping another piece of candy and popping it into his mouth.

"I'm sorry, I just need to get to the copy room and then we'll be done." you start to stand when you feel jungkook push your shoulders back.

"I'll get us there, just tell me which way to go."

you scrunched your nose but didn't question it as you pointed a finger down the hall.

the jolt of jungkook pushing the chair down the hall takes you by surprise and you find yourself holding onto the arms of the seat, pulling your feet up into the chair.

behind you, you could hear the boy's laughter when he'd hop onto the back of the chair legs and you'd both let gravity glide you both across the office at full speed.

the chair slid down the halls with ease, the two of you laughing as he'd hurry to turn your ride when you told him to make a turn left or right.

eventually the chair came to a stop and you were both laughing, your chest rising and falling as you shake your head–the sleep now out of your system.

moving to stand, you walk up to the printer and start to scan a couple of documents, the echoes of the buttons beeping bounces around the room before you hit enter.

now all there is to do is wait.

pushing up on top of the printer, you let your legs dangle over the edge. "I make the most simple things difficult don't I?"

you look up to the young man who nods, spinning around in your chair a few times before firmly pushing his feet to the ground and stopping.

"yeah you do," carefully he stood, stumbling slightly before stepping up to you and resting his ear against your chest, closing his eyes as the only sounds now in the empty room was the papers scanning and your thumping heart.

it was funny to say the least, how jungkook seemed so stern and serious at home but here he seemed more relaxed with you. it was comforting to see he had a softer side.

moving your hand into his hair, you play with it until you hear him mumble under his breath and squeeze you tighter in his arms.

"I hate younger women, I hate girls my age."

you sat and let him speak, despite the shock factor of his topic of choice. it wasn't often that you got to hear what was on his mind.

"I try to be mature so I'll appeal to different clients..but I keep getting stuck with the same..girls."

your thoughts wander back to the evening you found him being teased by the others for smelling like you. leaning down you could smell your perfume on his neck.

"I like someone who feels warm because of the curves of her hips and the soft beat of their hearts. girls are too excitable and not good at being equals in a relationship. they want me to buy dinner, hug them, kiss them and console them. but they never hug me, console me or tend to me...I like women like you rita."

"me? a relationship like that is pedephilia, are you trying to get me arrested?" you scoff and shake your head,

earning a chuckle from the male that held onto you. "it's not like that."

"oh yeah? how old are you?"

he glances up, arching an eyebrow as if surprised at the question."you seen my files, you know exactly how old I am."

there was a pause and then your eyes widen,

"hey how do you know about that?" you scrunch your nose at the male, noting the sudden twitch of his nose and broad smile forming on his lips.

"as if my sister can keep a secret."

you shake your head,scratching the bridge of your nose. "aren't I your older? why are you speaking so rude and casually to me?"

"it's not a matter of if I'm younger or older, because I'm your boyfriend."

"you're a baby."

"I'm old enough for you and you know it..don't think about the numbers okay? I like you and I'll take care of you, isn't that what love is?"

jungkook leaned forward hesitantly, pausing only for a moment to see that you weren't resisting.

and then he kissed you, again, and again, and again.

that night during the drive home, jungkook insisted on holding onto you. and you realized that he was quite the endearing boy. something about seeing him smile and be vulnerable around you made your heart feel warm and fuzzy, and you suddenly had the desire to take care of him. it wasn't until after he fell asleep on your lap in the living room that night and the others helped take you to your room did the two of you finally part.

[+]you can just imagine rita being an hour older than him if you ain't about that noona life mkay, but it's an important trait for his character that she's somehow older

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you can just imagine rita being an hour older than him if you ain't about that noona life mkay, but it's an important trait for his character that she's somehow older.

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