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After 5 years of Jannalyn's death, Matthew had been a lot better. He moved on, but he still will never forget about his best friend and fiancé's death. He tried to move on by finding love in other people, but it was difficult. Every time he's with another girl, jannalyn is somewhat always in his mind reminding him about his promise he made her.

He found out later that he could never find a woman who can replace Jannalyn. He knew that he can't love her as much as he loved his best friend, but he wanted to have a family but he didn't know how since he can't handle dating and being with someone else other than Jannalyn.

The idea came to him in a conversation he had with Andrea & Luke. They were out at a bar, just casually hanging out. They're conversation started from talking about pros and cons of Matthew moving on and getting laid to how they can't have a child. So they thought of adopting children and they did a few months later.

So idea that Matthew had was that he can have a family, it doesn't always mean he needed to move on from Jannalyn. So he adopted three children. He adopted a month later after Andrea & Luke adopted. They both adopted twins and named them Madison & Mason. They were about a year old when they adopted both of them, and Matthew adopted a baby that was only 8 months old.

He wanted to name the baby something special and something that means a lot. So he named his adopted baby, Janna. When he raised her, he called her shortie every once in a while. Janna was about 3 years old when Matthew adopted twins who were only a year old. He named them Evelyn and Edward, the names Jannalyn wanted to name her children.

He raised all three of them into beauitful mind childrens. He taught them well about treating everyone with kindness and to never give up. He treated them like how he wished he was treated by his parents, mainly his dad.

Every single night of their lives, Matthew would tell them a bedtime story until they were about ten years old because they thought that they were too old to be tucked in by their father and be told the same bedtime story. They never complained about how he tells them the same exact story until they were all above ten years old.

The story that he told was about him meeting the loved of his life, Jannalyn. All of his kids considered her as their mommy, they all knew that they were adopted but they said that it felt like Matthew and Jannalyn were made to be their parents.

Thirty years later, Matthew died from a car crash. He died that day of Jannalyn's 30th death anniversary. He was driving home after visiting her grave at 11 at night. He was there until noon then was told to go home since it was getting late. He refused to go but he was threatened to go to jail if he doesn't listen to the rules, so he listened to them and left.

During the car ride home, it all hit him at once when he passed by the same playground they met at. He did the right thing and parked because his vision was getting blurry from his tears escaping his eyes. He sat there in his car, his forehead against the steering wheel and just cried. When he was a bit calm, he got back on the road. He thought he was ready but clearly he wasn't.

Then images of her lying hopelessly on the hospital bed came back into his mind. In his head, he started blaming her death on him. He told himself that it was all his fault and wasn't protecting her enough. She wouldn't have died if he kept his eyes on her and not invite her to any of the parties he attended. He cried. He yelled in his car how much he missed her, how much he loved her, how much he wanted her to come back to him, and how much it was all his fault.

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