54. Hard decisions

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AWH !!

August 5, 2016-

"They're going to be here any minute!" I squealed, I grabbed some fresh unopened sodas from the refrigerator and some caprisuns incase they want a drink. Especially Ryan, he might steal my caprisun again.

I texted the group to be here around 3:30 pm and they all agreed. Matthew got here around 2 because he wanted to watch some movie and as he said, 'spend some time with me because Andrea will end up stealing me from him.' So we cuddled and watched some movie.

He is still currently on the couch on his phone while I set out some snacks for them. After cleaning the house for a little bit, I sat down next to Matthew and waited for the rest of the crew to arrive.

"What are you doing?" I peeked over his phone, I raised an eyebrow at him when I saw what he was doing. He was searching for an apartment..?

"Just browsing." He stated. Browsing? Why is he browsing for an apartment? What could be going on in his beautiful mind? Before I could ask him another question, the bell rung and I heard people laughing. They're here.

I jumped up from the couch and jogged over to the front door to open it. I peeked at the peephole, just making sure it's them. When I saw them patiently waiting, I unlocked the door and opened it.

"Hey guys!" I greeted them with big smile on my face as I embrace them with a hug.

"Yeah-yeah.. where's the food?" Keegan gave me a quick side hug before running inside my house to the living room. I heard him squeal like a girl when he saw the snacks and drinks i set out just for them..well maybe just for him. Mostly the caprisuns is for Ryan also.

"How rude." I yelled out after him, he turns back around and blew me a kiss and made a shaped heart with his hands. This boy.

"Hey, Jan." Ryan was the first first one to greet me with an actual hug. I smiled and hugged him."Is he already here?" He whispered in my ear and I knew who he was exactly talking about.

"Yeah, he's here. Don't worry I talked to him and he'll apologize." When he pulled away he gives me a slight nod and a weak smile before walking over to Keegan who was already stuffing his mouth with snacks. When Matthew saw him approach, he quickly stood up and tapped Ryan's shoulder. I saw him said something but I couldn't quite hear. Then they soon made their way to the kitchen I'm guessing to talk.

"Jannalyn." Luke was the next one to greet me, I had to go on my tippy toes to give him a hug since he was tall.

"Luke." I giggled, he left a kiss on my cheek before yelling at Keegan to save some for him then they both stuffed their mouth with snacks. Best friend goals.

"Hey, slutty bitch." Andrea attacked me with a hug, I laughed when I almost stumbled.

"Hey, you hoe." I greeted her back.

Whenever we call each other names, we don't get offended because we both know we're just joking and having fun. Especially Andrea, she swears so much. She calls all of us names but we don't take it too seriously.

"You better tell me every fucking detail later." She smacks my butt cheek before walking away with her index pointed at me. I laughed shaking my head at her, god I love her so much.

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