38: What was that about?

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"My feet hurt so bad.." I groan in pain.

We have been walking for straight 3 hours around the mall and let me tell you, this mall is huge. We finished the banana split together, we shop at some stores, and even tried the massaging chair. It was awesome.

"We should go home now then, my feet is killing me too." Ryan says. We exited out the mall and into the car.

My phone started to ring, I take it out of my purse and look at the caller id. It's Matthew. Honestly, through out the day, I kinda forgot about Matt.

"Who is it?" Ryan looks over at my phone.

"Matt." Then I pressed the green button and brought the phone to my ear.

"Babe?" I heard. Although, his voice sounded a bit different like he's been crying or seem angry.

"Hey, Matty. What's wrong?" I already knew something was wrong by the sound of his voice. I started to get worried.

"My dad.. he's- where are you?" He sniffs.

"I'm on my way back, babe. I'll be there in like 10 minutes, okay?"

"Okay." I heard him say.

"I love you." I tell him.

"I love you." Then I hung up. I feel bad, I feel bad that he has to go through with this situation with his father right before his birthday.

"Is he okay?" Ryan asks.

"Um.. not really but he'll be fine when I get there and comfort him." I sigh.

"Then we must get you there fast." He pressed on the gas to make the car a little faster.

When we got back to Luke's house, I jump out of the car real fast and hurried inside to look for Matt. The reason why I have to come back here and not my house is because Matt was suppose to take me home.

"Matt? Matthew? I'm here!" I called out. I searched the living room, the kitchen and every room but I couldn't find him. I run out to the backyard and sigh in relief once I saw him.

"I'm here.." he trailed out tracing something on the concrete floor. He sitting on the edge of the pool with his legs on the pool.

"Jeez, you scared me." He didn't say anything. I sit next to him, he doesn't look up at me so I grab his chin lift it up so he can look at me.

His eyes were red and puffy. He's been crying. The minute his eyes were on me, he started crying. He lay his head on my shoulder, I wipe away his tears.

"He's moving. He's leaving me." His voice cracks.

"Leaving you?"

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