75. "I'm just afraid."

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a/n: bitch, i'm harry af

"You're what now?" At the moment, I completely forgot the girl who was inside the steamy room with Ryan.

I basically popped my head out under the bed and stared at him in shock, the girl screamed when I spoke up and gave me a dirty look while clutching onto her chest.

Ryan, was shocked too, He kept his mouth shut for a second before he would open it to respond to me but then he'd close it again. He would look at me then to the girl who's standing infront of him with her arms crossed and a very disappointed look on her face.

He was sitting awkwardly on the edge of the bed, the girl with very small amount of clothes standing infront of him like she got rejected.

Bitch, you did. You skank ass hoe.

I on the other hand, was still lying under the bed with my head popped out. I started giggling like a schoolgirl, they both turned to me with a very confused face.

"What could you be possibly giggling about now?" The girl yelled in frustration throwing her arms in the air, while rolling her eyes at me.

"Can you not act like that?" Ryan glared at her with disgust, he looked back at me managing to put a small grin on his lips, when I caught him staring at me laughing while smiling, he looked down at his lap then looked back at me seconds later.

"Not act like that? After what she has done!" She yelled at him. I continued giggling because damn this is awkward. I stopped giggling when my throat started to hitch, which means I need liquid, aka vodka! More for me!

"She's done nothing" Ryan defends.

"She basically interrupted us! Plus, who the hell hides under a bed during a party?" I slowly raised my hand. "This bitch needs to leave. She disgusts me." She scoffed.

"This bitch my friend." Ryan glares into her eyes, if looks could kill this bitch would've been dead before she spoke up. "And didn't I told you I'm gay? You're just that desperate? man, that's sad. " I bit my bottom lip to stop myself from laughing but I failed cause damn, bitch that was funny as hell. "Also, if a 'bitch' needs to leave this room then you should be the one who needs to leave." She gasped.

"Oh, quit being over dramatic, princess." I rolled my eyes and managed my way to get up from under the bed and actually sit on top of the bed next to Ry.

"Yeah, I'm the princess and you're the what?" She looks me up and down trying to bring me down but bitch think the fuck not.

"Yeah, cause I'm the fucking queen." I furrowed my eyebrows and squinted my eyes at her. I was looking at her as if she's stupid, well she is. She does one of those over dramatic gasps again before she left the room by stomping her feet against the carpet like a toddler.

Then the room was silent again. Ryan was sitting on the edge of the bed looking down at his hands playing with his fingers. I was already laying on the bed on my back ready to fall asleep. My eyes were slowly shutting before he spoke up making me jump and start using my ninja skills.

"So you were basically under the bed the whole time, huh?" He gave me a glance behind his back before looking back down at his hands. My eyes were widely open and they were watching his every move, trying to figure out what's going on in his beautiful mind or what's he's feeling.

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