12 | Mixed Signals

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"Wouldn't mind tapping that ass"

"Um... U-h." I couldn't help but stutter. What the fuck did he just say? Now how am I supposed to try and stop falling for him?

"Can I go play now?" Leyla asked after taking off her clothes leaving her with her one-piece swimming suit.

"Yeah, sure! Just stay where we can see you." I pat her shoulder then tickled her. I laughed as she squirmed giggling. She nodded understanding then ran to the small kiddy water park for kids.

"So which one do you wanna ride first?" Matt asked then plopped his ass next to me grinning.

"Ha-ha. I'm staying here." I put some sunscreen on my skin then laid down to tan.

"You are not." His trailed his finger slowly down my leg. It made a shiver travel down my spine and made me blush.

"Yes I am, you can't do anything about it," I smirked a chuckle leaving my mouth. Then he suddenly took my legs, sat down then placed my legs on his lap.

"Please baby girl? Please?" He pouted showing me his puppy face. Baby girl? Somebody, please kill me now. I closed my eyes and smiled like a goof, feeling butterflies all over my stomach.

"What's it in for me?" I asked grinning. I was smiling so hard my cheeks started to hurt.

"I'll carry you and throw you in the deep pool if you don't come with me." He smirked. I could tell by the way he was looking at me that he wasn't joking with me. So I got up and put my hair up in the ponytail as I left my sunglasses on the chair. He got up took my hand after looking at me up and down licking his lips. Don't kiss him Jannalyn. At least not yet. He intertwined our hands together then we waited in line.

"Hey, you know what?" Matt asks me real close to my ear.

"What?" I chewed on the inside of my cheek.

"You're my bestest of best friends." He closed his eyes and smiled showing his dimples. I smiled giggling. He's so fucking cute I'm going to faint. He opened his eyes and watched me laugh, he laughed at me then kissed my cheek. I felt this tingly thing when his lips touched my cheek, is that a good thing? I really need to get a girl-friend so we can talk about boys and shit.

After a few minutes later, it was our turn. We got in the doubled swimming tube, the employee pushed us making us slide down the water slide. I screamed when it turned dark but then different colored lights showed up. It was pretty amazing.

After all the fun we had, it was time to go home and find something to feed our starving stomachs.

"I'm hungry." Leyla pouted, patting her growling stomach.

"Me too. Where do you want to eat?" I asked her shutting the car door. Matt got in the car starting the car then drive out of the parking lot.

"Denny's!" She screamed jumping in her seat.

"Denny's it is!" She yelled in excitement the sing along to the radio.

"Did you have fun today?" Matt asked me tapping my shoulder.

"Yes! Today was a wonderful day." He nodded agreeing with me.

Then we got to Denny's, we got out off the car then walked inside. It wasn't really filled with people like how it was before. We got seated in a booth because Leyla requested. We scanned the menu looking for something we like.

"I want Macaroni and cheese!" Leyla said taking a sip of her chocolate milk.

"I'll get the blueberry pancakes," Matt said closing the menu book.

"And I'll get chocolate chip pancakes." I smiled. We waited for a while then the waiter finally came to take our order.

"What would you guys like to order?" The 45-year-old waiter asked taking out her paper.

After we ordered what we wanted, she was taking the menus from our hands then she said something making my stomach full of butterflies.

"You lovely couple have a very sweet daughter." She smiled at Leyla poking Leyla's cheek as she giggled. My eyes widened as I started panicking, but Matthew was acting calm. How can he be so calm after she just said that we are a lovely couple with Leyla as our daughter?! Did he forget about Claire or something?

"Actually we-"

"Thank you." Matthew interrupted me sending her a sweet smile. Then she left.

What the fuck? I'm seriously confused as fuck right now. He's giving me these mixed signals. Like, he would act like my boyfriend then he would bring stuff up about Claire just to make me mad.

"What did you just do?" I asked him sipping my drink.

"What do you mean?" He acted like nothing just happened.

"You just admitted to that lady that we are a couple with Leyla as our daughter," I said.

"So? It's not like she's going to tell everyone that we know that we are dating. We don't even know her, shortie. You're just overreacting."  He said. He was right. I was just overreacting, she was just complimenting Leyla anyways.

"But we do kinda make a cute couple."

Author's note: so sorry for the long wait!! & I'm sorry for this shitty update. But I'll try to make it better, promise :) love ya!  

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