18. spin the bottle

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May 30, 2016

"How do I look?" Matt asks me as he walks out of the public bathroom dressed so nicely. My eyes trailed from his head to toe, maybe drooling a bit.

"Damn," I couldn't help myself. He just responded by laughing and winking at me. "Who you impressing huh?" I look around us.

"You." He winks smiling. Is he kidding?   I nervously started laughing not knowing what to do now.

"How about me? How do I look?" I turned around like a model.

"My baby be looking perfect." He winks again. Baby? His baby? Am I dreaming? Well fuck. "So we ready? What do you wanna do today?" He asks me playing with my hair form behind.

"I wanna see Zedd, Ice cube, Halsey and Disclosure." I answered him, I shivered when his fingers touch my neck slowly.

"Me too, I have no idea who the others are." He chuckles. "Alright then! Let's go." He puts on his sunglasses combing his hair with his hand.

We started walking, our hands were both swaying then accidentally touched. He suddenly grabs my hand and intertwined our hands together. I look at him and all he did was smile at me.

"Hey guys!" Andrea waves at us, walking with a group of people.

"Hi Andrea!" I smile waving with my left hand. Andrea looks at Matt and i's hands then smirk wiggling her eyebrows. I blush a little bit smiling.

"Hey guys!" She yells getting their attention. "This is my lovely new friend Jannalyn and her boyfriend, Matt." My eyes widen when she introduced Matt as my boyfriend.

"And-" I was about to say something but Matt interrupted.

"Hey!" He shook hands with them with his right hand. Is he not going to say anything about this?

"What was that for?" I whispered to Andrea.

"Oh come on Jan, you like him and he likes you. Plus, look he doesn't mind." She points at him, I look at him and he was laughing and talking with them still holding my hand.

"He doesn't like me." I told her.

"That's what you think." She winks at me. Then all of us walked into the entrance, walked in and decided to eat lunch first. Matt and I both ordered a hamburger while the other ordered either hot dog or a corn dog. They sit on the benches but Matt and I sit on the grass under a shade like a picnic.

We both eating peacefully until I took a bite of my hamburger and Matt stared at me laughing.

"What?" I asked chewing.

"You have a little something.. on your nose." He pointed at my nose. I look at my nose, then he laughed even more. "Here." He takes a napkin then wipes of the ketchup off of my nose.

"Thank you." I giggled sipping my soda.

"You have a beautiful smile." He says not looking away from me. His compliment made me blush and smile bigger.

"Thank you again." I laugh.

"You don't get complimented every often, huh?" I look down and shook my head.

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