66. Chef Ryan

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"Keegan, you're such a child." Andrea said when we walked out of the apartment, we were nothing but dressed in our swimsuits with our towels around our neck. They waited for me to lock the door then we headed to the elevator down the hallway.

"Andrea, you're such a bitch." Keegan mocked her in a high-pitched voice jokingly. He pretended to scoff like a girl and roll his eyes while pretending to flip his hair.

"At least I don't snort!" Andrea runs up to him and raise her leg to kick him in the ass. Keegan gasped turning around glaring at Andrea who was laughing her ass off. Keegan raised his leg and was about to kick her back in a joking matter but Luke stopped him.

"Touch my girlfriend, I dare you." Luke stood in front it Andrea who still was laughing hysterically.

"What? She fucking kicked me in the ass!" Keegan gasped at Luke.

"You deserved it." Luke grabs Andrea and takes her away from Keegan whose jaw was on the floor. They walked passed him and Keegan just stood there. Ryan then was walking towards him.

"Save me." Keegan pouted holding out his hand for Ryan to take.

"You are a child." Ryan chuckled but took Keegan's hand anyways. Keegan started skipping around while holding hands with Ryan that was on his phone. I laughed and couldn't help myself but recorded them on Snapchat.

When we entered the public pool, there were a couple of people there. We walked towards the empty table and lounge chairs. While we were walking, these groups of girls dressed in swimsuits that almost covers nothing were laying down on the lounge chairs, started smirking and winking at the boys. By boys I mean, Ryan, Keegan, Luke and Matthew. My fucking Matthew.

"Hey baby." The brunette one with the sunglasses smirked looking at Matthew. Matthew ignored her but I didn't. This bitch thinks she can flirt with my Matthew while I'm standing in front and next to him? Think again, bitch.

"You be looking fine as hell." The other bitch took off her glasses and eyed Luke this time. I can tell Andrea was about to snap and I was about too. Andrea glared at them only making their smirk to grew even bigger and let out giggles.

"Just ignore them, baby." Matthew leaned down to whisper in my ear and place his hand on my lower back, pulling me closer to show the girls but that didn't stop them.

"Why waste time with those things when you can have fun with us?" Other one spoke up and that's when I lost my shit.

"Excuse me? Who the fuck do you think you're talking too?" I caught most people's attention but I didn't care. These girls are not allowed to go around and flirt with boys who are taken.

Andrea smirked and stood by me, glaring at them hoes. Matthew and Luke were shocked but they were smirking as if they were proud. Keegan was covering his mouth trying to hold in his giggles but he kept failing. Ryan was shocked.

"Um, who does it look like I'm talking too? Obviously those hotties." She licked her lips and winked at them only making me even more angrier.

"Are you fucking blind? They're taken, can't you bitches see?" Andrea spoke up. The girls just laughed as if we were joking around.

"Taken by who? Two fat whores who are dressed up as trash?" They scoffed. Then I lost my shit again. Oops. Sorry not sorry.

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