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"Ooh, I want the time of my life. Oh, baby,

 Ooh, give me the time of my life. Let's get it now."

-Time of our lives by pitbull

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"Kiss me."

"Matt.." I looked at him shocked. He looked at me dead serious but he started laughing his butt off.

"I'm just kidding!" He laughed. "You should've seen your face!" He laughed I sighed in to relieve, but I would kiss him but I didn't because of Claire. I dislike Claire but I don't want to hurt her.

"Don't do that!" I yelled at him but started laughing with him. Watching him smile big and laugh is one of the cutest things ever. His smile is just contagious.

"I'm kidding but can you please make me a sandwich?" He begged then blinked his eyes many times while doing a puppy face.

"Will you stay here with me and not sneak out?" I asked raising a brow.

"Yes, I will stay with you." He smiled big. He stood up, I stood up too and walked over to the kitchen to a make him a sandwich. He jumped on the counter and watched me.

"So how's Leyla doing?" I asked. Ever since Matt's parent divorced. Leyla would spend some of her time with her dad or stay here with her mom.

"She's confused on what's going on but she's doing good." He sighed. "I don't see why mom lets her see dad and not me. It's not fair." He rolled his eyes.

"Is she hiding something from you?" I asked cutting off the crusts since he still hates the crust.

"Maybe.. but I don't know." He shrugged his shoulders. "How's your family?" He asked.

"My parents are really busy and I can't do anything about it. I don't have any sibling so you and Leyla are pretty much my siblings." He smiled at me.

"You always have me, babe!" He jumped down from the counter and wrapped his arms around my waist from behind as he laid his chin on my shoulder.

"And your sandwich is.. done!" I lay the other bread on top and gave him the plate. He looked at it like its the last thing on earth.

"Thanks, shortie." He leaned down and kisses my cheek making me feel butterflies in my stomach. I ignored the feeling and smiled.

He sat on the counter and started eating the sandwich.

"Come here." He took my hand and pulled me closer to him. I was now between his legs. "Ah." He told me to open my mouth then I did. He feeds me the sandwich. I chewed and moan about how good it was.

After he ate his food, I had to give Leyla her medicine before she falls asleep. I walked in her room with a cup of water and her medicine.

"Leyla.. It's time to take your medicine." She slowly opened her eyes and nodded. She gulped down the medicine and drank her water before falling asleep again.

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