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✓ | NOTHING TO REGRET ↺ MATTHEW ʏᴀ ɢɪʀʟ﹐ ᴀʙʙʏ
In which, two strangers at a party forget to exchange their names by the end of the night. ( a matthew gray gubler fanfic ) ( will include irl & social media ) ( cover m...
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Escape by wanderlust89
Escapeby Jasmin
After Spencer got shot and almost died during a case, he decides that he needs a break from his job for the FBI and travels to Cape Cod to get some rest. In the Bed & Br...
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Still You by crllbjn
Still Youby Karell
#1 Matthew Angelo Imperial is famous for being the captain of volleyball and for being handsome, so he's always seen with girls until he met Athena Louisse Alvaira.
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A Sudden Return 3/3✅ by rejoiceo
A Sudden Return 3/3✅by 𝓬𝓸𝓵𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓯𝓾𝓵
They have defeated Hawk Moth. Have got his miraculous, and now he is in jail. Or so they thought... Turns out Gabriel escaped jail with the other man, Matthew, and what...
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Dear Saudade by Annegelicious
Dear Saudadeby Lune the Moon
No matter who you are No matter where you go When Love strikes you There's nothing you can do. Story by: Annegelicious Date Start: Date End:
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Two Can Play at this Game (Matthew Espinosa) by fangirlwriter_
Two Can Play at this Game ( L
Georgia Waters is the new girl at school. She immediately makes new friends after standing up to the school bad boy; Matthew Espinosa. He uses every girl he gets the cha...
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No Monkey Business {Josh Matthews x reader} by gummienummie
No Monkey Business {Josh King_MIschief
Y/n L/n is a friend of Riley's an Older friend of Riley 15 (almost 16) year old you were on your way out of the family Coffee shop Christmas morning when a cute boy knoc...
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Becoming Her (Trans) by itsabadluckcharm
Becoming Her (Trans)by blake
Matthew has always wanted to be Miya, practically since birth. But who can she tell? Her family is in shambles after her father left to be with his mistress. Her friends...
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Hello by skittles_are_lyfe
Helloby Skittle Lova
"Hello?" "Why do '24 hours, 7 days a week' shops have locks on their doors?" "Uh-" "Why is the meaning of life...
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Jen and Justins daughter?! by genofke
Jen and Justins daughter?!by Julie
This is a fanfiction about Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux and Emma. What happens with her is so special, unbelievable. She is a true Faniston, she would do everything...
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BAU Group Chat by XoButterflyKissesXo
BAU Group Chatby Bellamy Rose
If the BAU had a group chat.....
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heather  || spencer reid by letsgetcriminal
heather || spencer reidby letsgetcriminal
Dr Heather Jayce has decided to join the Behavioural Analysis Unit of the FBI and it doesn't take long for her to discover that she developed feelings for one of her co...
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Hunter, Cori Hunter |gmw book 1 |Lucas Friar| by Melaninaide
Hunter, Cori Hunter |gmw book 1 | Taylor
Dear Darling, On October 30th, at 4:20 am you came into our lives and changed it for the better. We don't have much to give it except for a leather jacket, from me, a b...
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The Unwanted Marriage by RafahSymmonds
The Unwanted Marriageby Rafah S.
Ever since Althea Evans's parents passed away from a horrific accident, her life turned upside down. Thea is not expecting to live a life like this. To be married with a...
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Spencer Reid Imagines~ by TheseLittleWonders
Spencer Reid Imagines~by lola
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Hopelessly Falling (Grayson Dolan) 1 by dallasmycarpenter
Hopelessly Falling (Grayson Dolan) dallasmycarpenter
Read to find out. Book 1 , the sequel is called Yearning, enjoy.
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forsaken ➸ alec lightwood by perksofmcfly
forsaken ➸ alec lightwoodby natasha
•ONGOING-2020• a cold shadowhunter crossed path with a mundane when his parabatai and sister went on a mission to spot their enemy - the demons, but got distracted by a...
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Falling in love with my bully (C.D) by rivergleek
Falling in love with my bully (C.D)by rivergleek
Donica Rose has always been bullied by her school's most popular and hottest guy Cameron Dallas and his gang, but what happens when the two have to work on a school proj...
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Vero Amore (a Spencer Reid love story) by vivacamila
Vero Amore (a Spencer Reid love Ailen Camila
When Natalia Mancini is requested to help a certain BAU team on an unsolved case, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. A strange Dr. Spencer Reid is assign...
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Reflections Of A Mirror by Vickironica
Reflections Of A Mirrorby Tori
Canada was feeling lonely, being ignored all the time. So when he accidentally stumbles upon a magical book, without knowing it's magical, he makes a wish. Next thing yo...
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