years after.... [Jay X Matthew] by FarAwayButSoClose
years after.... [Jay X Matthew]by GalaxiesTooFar
After school the Big Mouth Gang stopped talking after a small argument. After 20 years we can find Jay working at a Bar and Matthew a police officer lets just say Matthe...
  • matthew
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change at heart | jmb by lcvelyqaesthetic
change at heart | jmbby lcnelyqnights
" mon beau "
  • charles
  • josephbirlem
  • sophiabirlem
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Best Friend + Matthew Espinosa by 1DNarryStoran13
Best Friend + Matthew Espinosaby j
"You know what's a stupid idea if you were best friends with someone?" My heartbeat quicken. "What?" I cleared my dry throat. "Dating them. I...
  • romance
  • fanfiction
  • lovestory
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Symphony of Lilacs  by mszame
Symphony of Lilacs by ☪
• Long Listed for the 2018 Wattys • A Wattpad Featured Story [ A "GREAT EXPECTATIONS" RETELLING ] GENRE: historical fiction London, 1884 "Sometimes, even...
  • england
  • wattys2018
  • newadult
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Roommates + Matthew Espinosa by 1DNarryStoran13
Roommates + Matthew Espinosaby j
"I promise falling for me won't be a mistake, princess." He had the typical fuckboi smirk plastered on his lips while staring deeply into my eyes and probably...
  • fanfiction
  • matthewespinosa
  • magconfanfiction
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drugs- m.h by timmyslove
drugs- m.hby timmyslove
-His mouth hung open in awe at her, he thought she was everything. She held his jaw with a hand and blew her smoke into his mouth. He almost melted - In which lovers bec...
  • matty
  • hann
  • the1975
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MESSAGES, matthew daddario. by weinersoIdier
MESSAGES, matthew 𝔡𝔦𝔞𝔟𝔩𝔬
❝stop droppin ya damn phone in the toilet iris jfc❞ ❝i think you have the wrong number sorry❞ ❝lmaO❞ ( in editing. ) ( social media. ) © weinersoIdier 2016
  • aleclightwood
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Miraculous Ladybug: A Sudden Return 3 by rejoiceo
Miraculous Ladybug: A Sudden smoll•potatoe
They have defeated Hawk Moth. Have got his miraculous, and now he is in jail. Or so they thought... Turns out Gabriel escaped jail with the other man, Matthew, and what...
  • sudden
  • matthew
  • gabriel
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In Love With My Fangirl by MrsSeaveyMendes
In Love With My Fangirlby Mrs. Seavey Mendes
⚠️read at our own risk, contains smut 14+⚠️ Naidelyn is a really big fan of Joey Birlem, when she finally gets to meet him things take an epic turn. What will happen whe...
  • love
  • bestfanfic
  • fangirl
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I'm Not What You Want, But I'm Exactly What You Need {NatePat} by SoniethDragon
I'm Not What You Want, But I'm Sonieth
Highest Ranks: #1 in Cristina #5 in Gametheory #18 in NateWantsToBattle #4 in NatePat #6in MatPat #5 in Natemare Nate had met Matt once in his life. It was when he was...
  • sean
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Anne With An E: Instagram 2 by Princess_Geekchic
Anne With An E: Instagram 2by Ali D
''i love you'' The second part to my AWAE Instagram series. A story centered around the Avonlea Gang going to college. And the drama and conflicts along the way. From fa...
  • cuthbert
  • gillies
  • jerry
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An arranged marriage || M.E by emmaxo123
An arranged marriage || M.Eby Queen Emily
//ar·ranged mar·riage\\ He hurts me in every way possible, but I stay... Because I love him Completed
  • good
  • carlgrimes
  • matthew
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Amazing Arlo - Shadow Hunters by honeyraes
Amazing Arlo - Shadow Huntersby Raé
Arlo Oswen is just a normal girl on the run from responsibility. One night she meets a group of people that change her life forever. She finds out out the legends are tr...
  • tmi
  • themortalinsturments
  • werewolves
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Since the Day we Met by happypuppygirl
Since the Day we Metby Purple Berrysparkle
They've loved each other since the day they met. The only thing keeping them apart is social standards. All that matters now is how much they are willing to give up to b...
  • tucker
  • fergusson
  • socialoutcast
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caia who? by lostfaces
caia who?by lostfaces
Caia's been changing identities for almost five years now, not once looking back as she creates a new character for her little story. Matt's life is almost at its peak...
  • caia
  • matthew
  • past
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Skool Love Affair [On Going] by sher__wida
Skool Love Affair [On Going]by sher__wida
7 boys, inlove with 1 girl~ Inspired by Boy in Luv by BTS pero iyon ay kanta and ito ay story. Hope you'll enjoy the story!
  • bricx
  • bestfriends
  • broken
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kitty | jmb by lcvelyqaesthetic
kitty | jmbby lcnelyqnights
" me? in love with him? psshh, what made you think that? " " the way you look at him says so "
  • matthew
  • 2019
  • joseph
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Heavenly||Alec Lightwoood  by SilentObserver03
Heavenly||Alec Lightwoood by Silent Observer
Alexander Gidion Lightwoood never thought he'd fight in a war never thought he come out of it with a best friend especially not her... Heavenly-Fray Fairchild was his be...
  • wedding
  • aleclightwood
  • harrysumjr
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Test Subjects by taty_ABM
Test Subjectsby 💋Tania❤
At the dawn of the 22nd Century, when the world falls under the hand of a power hungry Warlord, who is set on finding a serum to grant him immortality, a group of very d...
  • matthew
  • taty
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Matthew more like bathroom 😂👌🤪 by PandogCenr
Matthew more like bathroom 😂👌🤪by I miss coach Steve
This is a continuation of my story "Jay more like Gay" . It is about some of Matthew and Jay's romantic life following their "incident." Or is it kee...
  • loveislove
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