34. beautiful night.

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"So I'll see you tonight?" Matt asks me walking out to my porch outside my house.

I nod my head, he kisses me goodbye before walking back into his house. He told me he had some errands to do and that he is busy.

My phone dinged but I just ignored it, locking the door. I walk back up to my room, I jump on my bed and turned the tv on. My phone continued non-stop beeping.

As I wrap myself around a blanket to  get comfortable, I noticed my phone had texts from Andrea.

my big booty hoe: hey bitch 🖕🏼😘

my big booty hoe: yo r u excitd 4 4th of Julio?? cz I am! It's gon' be LIT

my big booty hoe: also bitch, why didn't u hit me up earlier so i can go get my lazy ass over ther & do ur makeup!

my big booty hoe: I'll make u soooo fuckin bootyful and Matt will be like, oh my GERD who is that nice looking ass hoe.

my big booty hoe: I'll even pick an outfit for you! just make sure to wear some sexy ass undergarments bc you'll never know what will happen nxt, if u know what I mean 😉💦

my big booty hoe: y aren't u replying boo! 🙄

my big booty hoe: omfg

my big booty hoe: bitch is u ded

my bitch booty hoe; Im driving over ther rn w/ some Starbucks👑

my big booty hoe: so u better come back alive bitch.

I laughed out loud to myself as I read over these messages that Andrea sent me. I typed quickly sending her s text then touch up my room to make it look neat.

To my big booty hoe: I'm alive u thot 😂😘

my big booty hoe: aw I wanted to keep your drink 😫

To my big booty hoe: stfu 🖕🏼 but the reason y I couldn't answer ur question was uh bc sammy came over 🙃


To my big booty hoe: better hurry up then bitch

my big booty hoe: calm yo tits lady

I shook my head laughing out loud,
re-reading the messages. God, I love her. Moments later, someone open the door and yelled something out loud.

"BITCH IM HOME!" Andrea yelled, I heard her close the front door shut and run up the stairs. "Chisme! Chisme!" She runs up the stairs and run inside my room, jumping on my bed.

"Spill the shit." She nicely hands me my drink and started sipping hers starring at me. "What are we waiting for? Christmas?"

"What's up your ass?" I laugh sitting next to her.

"Luke's dick." She responded, it took me a minute to realize what she said. I gasped hitting her in the arm then we started laughing out loud. "Now, talk."

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