46. Boys do cry

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"You good?" Was the first thing Andrea asked when I walked back in. I took about 10 minutes out there, just thinking and trying to calm down.

"I'm gucci." I fake a smile at her, I would sit my ass down by her but Luke is sitting there and the only empty seat is by Matt. I placed my purse on the chair and stood standing. "Is it my turn?" I asked, interrupting the silence that fell over us.

I'm pissed, so beyond pissed. I don't know if I have the right to be pissed at him. Was i being a little too much? Was I acting bitchy? I don't know. I guess I was just jealous. But there he goes again, not being on my side. Just like with Claire.

"Yeah, yeah it's your turn." Luke nods.

"Cool." I grabbed a bowling bowl and bowled.

The whole hour, we just bowled and ate pretty much. I was only talking to Luke and Andrea, I don't think I can talk to Matthew right now.

He may be right or not, but I just don't want to talk to him. Why he never told me about Jessica? Is he like hiding something from me? I just don't understand.

At this moment, we got back in the car and are on our way home. Matthew kept trying to talk to me but I would just ignore him.

"Thank you, guys. I had fun." I hugged Luke and Andrea, saying goodbye then got off the car. When they drove off, I turned my heel and begin to walk back to my house.

"Jannalyn! God damn it! Can you hold up for a second?" He yelled after me, I continued ignoring him until he grab ahold of my wrist to stop me from walking.

"What do you want, Matthew?" I looked at him.

"Finally! She can talk!" He sarcastically says. I roll my eyes. "Can we just talk?"

"Talk about what? There's nothing to talk about." I shrugged my shoulders. I would go walk back in my house but he's still holding onto my wrist.

"Don't bullshit me, jannalyn." He let's go of my wrist. "Don't even think about going in your house." He suddenly says, sometimes I hate how he knows me so well.

"Fine, if you wanna talk. We can talk in my room, not here." I sighed. He mumbles a small thank you before following me in my room.

My parents' car were parked in the garage so they still must be at work. Well I'm going to be home alone for the rest of the day, this is great.

I take off my shoes and place them on the shoe rack before running up the stairs to my room. When I got to my room, I placed my stuff on my bed and closed the door.

"We better make this quick." I said, I sat on my bed and faced him.

"Why?" He sits down next to me.

"Because I wanna take a nap?" He put his arms up in defeat.

"Look I'm sorry, alright?" He looks at me in the eyes. "Now can you stop being mad at me?" He pouts.

Does he think it's that easy? Just say sorry and think it's okay now?

"Just because you said 'sorry' you expect me to stop being mad at you?" He nod his head. "Matthew, that's not how it works. What if I accidentally stabbed you in the eye then I just say sorry, would you forgive me?"

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