95 | The wedding.

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Perfect x Ed Sheeran


Thursday, December 15, 2016-

"Will you stop pacing around and calm the fuck down?" I crossed my arms, leaned against the bedroom frame my eyes watching Matthew pace back and forth while he nibbled on his fingernails nervously. He stopped for a second to shoot me a look then continued pacing back and forth.

"I'm nervous, okay!" He snapped, throwing his arms in the arm in defeat. "My parents are getting married!" He yelled.

"I know! Shouldn't you be excited rather than be nervous and cry in the corner like the baby you are?" The last part wasn't really necessary but I only said it just to tease him and get his mind off of it.

"I am not a baby!" I burst out laughing at him, I shut my mouth when he stopped pacing and glared at me. I knew him for so long I knew what he was up to. His lips curled up into a smirk and before I knew it, I ran out of the bedroom running for my life.

"Matthew! Matthew!" I cried out loud to make him stop.

I ran around the living room in circles as he followed me, I also ran to the kitchen but that didn't make him stop chasing after me. I couldn't run to the guest bedroom because he'll find an easier way to catch me but blocking the door, so I ran out of our apartment. I was hoping for him to stop but he continued chasing after me. I giggled loudly when this reminded me how it all started, how I started becoming aware of my feelings for him. It was exactly when he was chasing me just like right now.

We were crazy young adults running through the hallways of our apartment in nothing but pajamas, so basically I was running in one of his shirts and he was running in his boxers. A few of our neighbors opened their door and yelled at us but we ignored them just like back then. I kept looking back at him to see how far away he was from me and to see his beautiful smile plastered on his pink plump lips.

I was so busy thinking about how we were so immature and young back then and how much fun we had together. It made me smile that I didn't realize how slow I was running until I felt his familiar muscular arms wrapped around my waist to lift me up from the floor.

"Matthew!" I screamed, a little afraid he might drop me. He threw me over his shoulder with one arm like I weigh as a feather. The long shit I had on was rising up almost exposing my panties but he pulled it down not caring if he was stretching his shirt. He accidentally slapped my bum before running back towards our apartment. "Sorry!" I apologized to our neighbors who were outside in the hallways yelling at us and screaming at us to shut up. They all shook their heads at us then walked back inside slamming their front door in frustration. When we walked back inside our apartment, we were both panting very loudly.

"That was one of a morning jog, alright." He said, he shut the front door with his foot then made his way over to our bedroom and threw me on the bed. He straddled my hips, pinning my arms down making sure I won't leave. "Now you," He took the chance to poke my side making me squirm.

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