70. A man's best friend

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a/n: man, I should've written smut on chapter 69 ;) dang it.

"Matt, I think I know who your biological father is." I whispered. There was no response but I continued to talk. "I met him yesterday, he came in the cafe." Still no response. I looked up to see him sound asleep. "Matthew." I whispered. Still no response. "Matthew." I tapped my finger against his chest. I sighed when he didn't say anything but let out soft snores. I shifted a bit but still laid my head on his chest, I closed my eyes and waited to drift off to sleep.

I'll just tell him tomorrow or some other time.


Sunday August 28, 2016-

"And we're home!" Matthew shouted causing Leyla and I to wake up. We both groaned and rubbed our sleepy eyes at the same time. When my eyes finally adjusted itself to the lighting, I looked out the window and sighed when we made it to Matthew's old home. I looked at my home that's next to Matthew's, there was still no cars parked in the driveway so that means my parent's aren't still home.

"Aw! I wanted to stay in Disneyland." Leyla pouted.

She tried to stay in Disneyland. When we were in line to check out of the hotel, Leyla scurried and ran away from us and hid behind some bush for 20 minutes until we finally found her. She was about to run away again but Matthew caught her and threw her over his shoulder while we walked to the car.

"We can go back next time." Matthew said. All three of us jumped out off the car, Matthew and I walked inside the house with Leyla. Matthew opened the door and we were greeted by Burnie first. I can tell that Matthew missed Burnie so much more than everyone that he pushed Leyla out of the way to hug Burnie. Marie saw him pushed Leyla and scowled at him. She walked towards Leyla and hugged her then hugged me.

"How was Disneyland? You liked it, dear?" A warm smile made its way to Marie's lips when her daughter grinned happily. Leyla started rambling about what we did and when she tried to stay in Disneyland.

"She's so stubborn, mom." Matthew got back into his feet. That was the first he said when we walked in and right when Leyla left to go get a snack from the kitchen.

"Oh shut up you. You were worse when you were her age." Marie rolled her eyes. "Thank you guys." She smiled.

"Thank you! It was really fun." I grinned. Burnie made his way to me and sniffed my shoes, when he was done, he sat on his butt infront of me sticking out his tongue, waiting for me to pet him. That's what I did. That's what he would always do whenever I come over. Even if I would walk away, he would follow me until I pet him. He once followed me all the way to the bathroom, he was waiting for me outside the bathroom. He's such a cute puppy. He may not be a puppy anymore but to Matthew, Burnie will always be a puppy.

"Oh, I'm glad you guys had fun!" Leyla came back with a piece of cookie on her hand. She stood beside her mother and looked back and forth at us, listening to what we were saying.

"Anyways, we should be heading home." Matthew said. I looked down at Burnie who started whimpering. I pouted and tried to cheer him up by scratching him behind his ears but he was still whimpering. "We have a long drive." Matthew added.

"I understand. Be careful, okay? Pull over when you need a nap, alright? Drive safe, please." Marie sighed, pulling Matthew in for a hug.

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