17. How much?

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It's 6:36 pm.

And we are out here, sitting in the grass under a nice shade. Matt and I were dancing a few minutes ago, but I told him to stop. Why? because I can't deal with this anymore. I can't act all lovey dovey with him when he has a girlfriend.

"Is everything okay?" Matt says after coming back with two bottles of water.

"Everything is definitely fine." I lied. I take the bottle of water from him and chug it down. It's already past 5 pm, but still hot as hell.

"You know I hate it when you lie to me." He tell me, I look up at me and sigh. Sometimes, I really hate how he knows everything about me.

"Fine, fine." He sits down across from me and stare at me. "It's just- I - why are you hanging out with me when you have a girlfriend you should be hanging out- with?" I look down at my lap, I couldn't look at his eyes.

"Because we came here together, just you and I. We're suppose to hang out together, just the two of us." He says, now I feel stupid. Why do I always think there's so much more behind this? Did I really think that he would confess his non-existing feelings for me?

"Right," I nod slowly. "Well that was a stupid question. We should go bac-"

"I broke up with her." Hearing those words comes out of his mouth is like the best thing in the world. I wanted to smile so bad, I look up at him but he wasn't smiling, laughing, just a straight sad face.

You can celebrate later, Jannalyn.

"W-why?" I cleared my throat.

"She wasn't the same when I first met her. We only dated for like what- a week? I really really like her, but I guess she's just not the right one. Plus, I hated the way she would treat you. You're my best friend. If I love you, then she's suppose to respect that." Is it a bad time to be smiling like a goof right now?

"You'll find the right girl, I promise." And that right girl is right here, sitting infront of you.

"You know what!" I yank my hand back from her grip.

"What's wrong, Matty?" She presses her body against my chest, started grinding.

"I think- we should break up." That made her stop dancing and gasp.

"What? Why? Did that Jannalyn bitch tell you something?" She started yelling.

"What? She has nothing to do with this! Why are you suddenly bringing her up?" I yell back.

"Because we all know she has a crush on you! So you probably like her too, that's why you're breaking up with me. I also told that bitch to stay away from you! Cause you're mine! " That's not true, right?

"That's not true, Claire. Honestly, you weren't the same when I first met you. You were kind, sweet, and loving but now you're just a slut, and a bitch. Also, i don't like the way you treat my best friend. I'm sorry Claire but we're done." I walk away but I knew she was following me.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I frowned.

"Tell you what?" I furrow my eyebrows.

"That she called you to threaten you and to tell you to stay away from me. Why?" I suddenly felt guilty.

"B-because she said she would hurt you, if I tell you." I look up at his eyes.

"So?" He chuckled. Does he really think this is funny?

"So what? I don't want her to hurt you, Matt." I told him.

"Why would you care?" He chuckled again.

"Because you're my best friend, I'm suppose to have your back remember?" His eyes soften.

"But she treated you like shit! I'm suppose to be the one saying that, not you." He groans in frustration.

"Hey, listen to me." I sit real close to him, I grab his soft cheek with my right hand and make him look at me in the eyes. "Don't hate yourself for it, okay? Let's  just forget about it now. It's Coachella! We're suppose to having the time of our lives, not arguing about this." I force a smile on my face so he would smile too.

"You're right, I'm sorry." He smiles.

"I'm sorry also. Now let's party?" I wink at him standing up. He reaches out for my hand to help him stand up. He stand up, not letting go of my hand. Then we started to walk to the crowd, hand in hand.

10:12 pm

"I'm so drunk and tired as fuck! Right now." Matt yells the word 'fuck' out loud. I didn't say anything, instead I just giggled and continued dancing. "Can we please go back to the tent? In tired." He pouts like a little kid.

"Fine, lets go, pouty." I giggle taking his hand then walk back to our tent.

We crawled inside the tent, Matt started taking off his clothes infront of me. Damn him. I quickly change my clothes when he turn his back on me. After changing, we both lay down on the mattress. I lay the blanket over my cold body, and something else was holding me. Matt's arm.

"You're like the best thing that ever happened to me, it's crazy." He whispers in my ear. "Claire told me that we both have feelings for each other, but I don't think so." He laughs. "But I mean, I would date you. I-" then all I heard was snores coming from him. I turn around, I place his arm around my waist, put my leg over his, and lay my head on his chest.

"If you only knew how much you mean to me. How you make me feel so beautiful.

And how much I love you."

Author's note:

Is it too early for her to love him? If so, let me know on the comments 🙂 how's this chapter? It's kind of crappy tbh. I'm stomach hurts 😩 I love you guys ☺️

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