87 | Breakdowns.

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"You what." My eyes widened as I looked at her in fear. She covered her face with her hands, hiding away. "I did not just hear that come out of your mouth." It confused me how could she end up having sex with Keegan when it seems like they're not even friends. They hate each other's guts. They make fun of each other, it's like their siblings. Now that's weird.

"It's true!! Look, I know I made a big mistake okay!" She groaned, she uncovered her face, crossed her arms with a pout on her lips.

"Yeah, you did! Did you even think about what Jocelyn would think?" I looked over at her. She was already looking at me biting her bottom lip like she holding in her laughter. "Why do you look like you're—" She started laughing hysterically. My jaw fell to the ground once I finally caught one. I reached over at her and punched her arm. "It's a fucking prank, huh?" She nodded. "Piece of shit."

In the corner of my eye, I was he's her take her phone out of her shirt. She tapped her forefinger against the screen. It lit up showing that she was on the phone with him this whole time. The time read; 25:41 minutes ago.

"Keegan! She fucking fell for it!" She yelled into the phone.

"Okay, ouch, what the fuck." I heard Keegan say when she turns on the speaker. "Obviously I heard it, you little shit! I'm on the phone with you!" Andrea rolled her eyes in annoyance still giggling. While they were talking about pranking me and how "well" they got me.

"I bet you both that one day, you'll both be so drunk you'll have sex," I said loud enough for them to hear over their own conversation. "You both may be laughing now because it's just a joke, but you'll never what'll happen next." They stopped laughing. Andrea looked at me like she saw a ghost. She gulped loudly looking down nervously. On the other end of the phone, I could hear Keegan gagging very loudly.

"Okay, um, that'll never happen," Andrea stated.

"Yeah," Keegan said, his voice shaking in nervousness.

"You'll never know," I smirked to myself when I noticed Andrea becoming scared and nervous. "Do you believe in Karma?" Andrea froze while Keegan was somewhat praying.

"Okay, Yeah uh- bye?" Andrea cleared her throat ending the call with Keegan. "Can we please talk about something else before I choke and die?" I kept my bottom lip between my teeth to keep myself from laughing my ass off at both of their reactions. "Hold on, Wait." She held up her finger at me. "I totally forgot." My heartbeat quickened as I.l felt myself becoming red.

"Forgot what?" I put on a smile on my lips. "Forgot that we have work tomorrow? Yeah, me too. We should go to sleep now—"

"Jannalyn." I stopped, I was already walking towards her guest room but stopped when she caught what I was doing.

"Shit." I muttered to myself quietly before turning around to face her. "Fine." I huffed out loud and sat my ass back on the couch then stuck out my bottom lip, pouting like a little child. She rolled her eyes at my childish actions while giving me look waiting for me to start the chisme.

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