60. Give me love

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2:34 pm

"We'll take it!" I told the lessor, the owner of the apartment building.

"Great! We just need to sign some paper works then you can move in anytime." She send us a sweet warming smile.

The apartment is perfect, perfect for Matthew and I.

"Do you mind if we take a look around one more time?" Matthew asked.

"Of course! If you're ready to sign the papers, I'll be in my office. If you change your mind or still need to take time to think about it, I can't give you any more time since there's people on the list waiting." She infers us.

"We understand." I said nodding, Matthew nods as well putting his hand on lower back.

"Ill be in my office." She smiles before leaving us alone in the apartment and closed the front door after her.

"What do you think?" Matthew asks me. I face my body toward him.

"I think it's perfect." I didn't lie about that.

It is perfect, it's not too small or too large, it's just perfect. Especially for starters, like us. It's not too expensive either just the right amount we can afford. There's two bedrooms in this apartment, one master bedroom and one guest bedroom. The kitchen is nice, the cabinets were painted dark brown and the counters were marble black, matching perfectly.

The walls were painted plain white but Sierra, the owner of the apartment building stated that we can paint it however we want but we indeed have to paint it back to white.

The living room is big, there's also a porch which is big enough to put some chairs and stuff.

There's two bathrooms. One connected to the master bedroom and one closed enough to the guest bedroom and the living room.

It's perfect. I love it and I'm ready to move in.

"I do too. We have this to ourselves now. That can only mean one thing.." His eyes trailed around the room looking around before it locks with mine.

"As in?" He's looking at me with a smirk on his face and a look I can't clearly describe.

"We can have sex anywhere now." He whispers in my ear. My eyes widen at his sexual comment. His breath tickling my ear until leaving a small kiss under my ear.

"Matthew!" I slap his chest earning a loud laugh from him. I can feel my cheek turn pink from him.

"Just imagine it, baby." He comes back whispering in my ear. I would've push him away but I didn't, it made me feel some type of way and I liked it. "Sex on the counter, sex on the couch, in the shower, sex inside the bathroom, inside our own room, against the wall.." He groans in my ear. It was hot. I bit my lip and continued listening to him about us having sex anywhere in this house. "Maybe even outside the porch." He shrugged his shoulder.

I can see him pull away and look at me to see my reaction. I was shocked. I'm shook. He never said these type of things to me before. I'm not complaining though.

"Let's go sign the damn papers." I cleared my throat before taking his hand and walking out of the apartment to Sierra's office. I hear him laugh at my sudden reaction before intertwining our hands. He brings up the back of my hand and kissed it before we enter the elevator.

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