76. "Ooh, they're gon' have angry sex."

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September 2, 2016-

I woke up to the sounds of little kids screaming, just kidding those little kids are actually my friends who are even older than me. I turned my body around to greet my boyfriend like usual, but my smiled turned into a frown once I remembered what happened yesterday.

He was sound asleep next to me, his face and the front of hi body were facing me. Little snores were escaping his mouth and his arms were crossed like he was used to having someone being curled up into his chest.

The screams and yelling were growing even louder and louder, so I decided to get my ass out of bed to see what the hell are they arguing about now.

I made sure to use the bathroom first to use the toilet, wash my face, brush my teeth, all of that shit. When I walked out of my bedroom, Ryan walked out of the guest room at the same time.

"Goodmorning." He sleepily mumbled, he was rubbing his left eye with his left hand while he had the cutest small pout on his lips. His right eye was open starring at me.

"Goodmorning, Ry." I greeted him with a weak smile on my face. One moment later, I found myself walking to the living room beside him.

"So," He cleared his throat. "Has Matthew came back yet?" He questioned, I glanced down my feet then stopped walking to answer his question before walking in on everyone.

"Uh, yeah has." I nodded with no expression on my face. I didn't really want to talk about him at the moment so I tried to walk awaw but he grabbed ahold of my arm.

"Is this awkward?" He managed to ask, I raised an eyebrow at him. His grip softened but he didn't let go. "Like how yesterday I admitted that I have feelings for you, does it change how you look at me now?" I frowned.

"You have feelings for me?" Well, he did tell me that he wished to be the guy that has my heart but I didn't know that he actually has feelings more, I thought it was just a compliment.

"Well, I mean I kinda do." I was silent for about a minute because I was shocked. "Shit," He cursed. "It's awkward now, isn't it?" He lets go of my arm.

"Well, no." I shook my head. "Not really." I whispered but I'm pretty sure he heard me.

"I'm sorry. Just forget what I said." He didn't even let me respond since he just walked past me and to the living room. I sighed then walk to the living room.

Andrea and Keegan were arguing again while Jocelyn was sitting on the floor watching them back and forth while munching on popcorn. Luke was still sleeping on the couch, he must be a very heavy sleeper.

Ryan was sitting on the couch just starring at the wall like he's thinking about something. When I walked in, he didn't look at me or even glance my way.

"What's up with you two again?" I groaned and tilted my head back.

"This asshole was watching tv while I was trying to sleep!" Andrea pointed at Keegan, who mumbled under his breath and rolled his eyes.

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