65. "We're back, bïtches!"

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Wednesday, August 18, 2016-

"Don't be a baby and just open your mouth, Matthew." I gave him my serious face look with my hand on my hip and my other holding a fork with a piece of lemon chicken.

Matthew over here is acting like a big baby and won't open his damn mouth. I cooked Lemon chicken for about an hour and all I need is for Matthew to take a bite so he can let me know if it tastes good or not.

"Remember last time you tried to feed me something? I nearly died." He said. I rolled my eyes at him but I did remember that moment he's talking about. It ended up very badly. We had to take him to the hospital. That's how bad it was. But look, he's alive now so there's nothing he should worry about. Right?

"Yes, but this time, it's doesn't have paprika in it." I told him. "That's why it's called Lemon Chicken. Not Lemon Paprika Chicken." I rolled my eyes again.

Last time when I tried to feed Matthew, it ended up very badly. Badly as in he turned into a very bright pink chipmunk and his head was shaped like a watermelon. That's when I found out he's allergic to paprika. After that happened, he never let me feed him to try the food I cooked.

"What if I'm allergic to lemon then?" He shrugged his shoulders as he threw random 'what ifs' at me. He may be older but he's the immature one.

"No you're not allergic to lemon, you just had lemon water a few days ago!" I argued back. "So please just take this one bite." I pouted.

I sticked out my bottom lip and did that thing with my eyes making a puppy face. He gave me a double look before he sighed loudly and finally opened his mouth. I happily stick the fork inside his mouth, he takes a bite of my cooking and chewed on it carefully while nodding his head at the same time.

"Wow. Impressive." He said swallowing and licking his lips.

"It's good?" My eyes widened. It was my first time cooking lemon chicken. My mother made the best lemon chicken but now that I moved out, I realized I gotta cook my own food. Devastating, I know.

Today is actually the first day that I cooked a home cooked meal, the few days back I was kinda lazy so we just bought take outs and shit. But it kinda got to the point where that shit it's beginning to become unhealthy so why not cook and try something new? Am I right?

"It's delicious. I'll have some more please." He smiled at me like an innocent little child. I smiled to myself feeling proud of myself. Who wouldn't be proud of themselves?

"I'm glad you actually like it." I kissed his cheek and walk over to grab a plate and give him some lemon chicken and asparagus. I might've taken some chicken from his plate and ate it. Who cares? I cooked it.

"I'll get that." Matthew stood up from his chair and run to the room to grab the phone that went off just a few seconds ago. He came back handing me my phone. I looked at him confused before taking it. "It's Andrea." He told me before I could look at the caller ID.

He sits back down on the chair and happily starting chewing on the food.
I grabbed myself a plate also and sat down on the table with Matthew to eat lunch.

"Hallo?" I pressed the green button and brought up the phone to my ear. Matthew watches me while eating before taking his own phone out.

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