36: Noise complaint

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"Good thing I brought an extra pair of swimsuit." Andrea giggles, she takes out a really cute swimsuit from her bag and hand them over to me.

"Thanks, loser." I hit her on the head, she looked at me and shrug her shoulders walking out of the room so she can change.

Everyone else walked outta here and changed somewhere else onto their swimsuit. Although, Matt just stayed in the room.

"Matty, I have to change. Get out." He was lazily sitting on the floor. So I grab his arm and try to pull him up.

"Just change here, I won't look." He lied. I shrug my shoulders and listened to him, even though I know he'll peak. We changed each infront of each other but that was like what? When were were young? Really young.

I am high right now so I basically don't give a damn about everything right now because all I wanna do is have the time of my life. I completely forgot about Matt being in the room but I just changed anyways.

After changing, I turn to look at him and he was in the middle of pulling down his pants and taking off his shirt. So I laid on the bed starring at the ceiling, thinking about life waiting for him to be done.

"Ready?" He folds his shirt and shorts and lay them on the bed.

I jump up, way to fast causing me to wobble and lose my balance. I fell to the ground on my ass and laugh hysterically. Matt look down at me and laugh so hard. We laughed for like 10 minutes before Matt helped me up then we walked down the stairs, to the backyard.

"Geez, what took you guys so long?" Keegan shook his head.

"They were having sex, leave them alone." Andrea slap him in the arm.

"No we weren't!" I blushed.

"Then what took you guys so long?" Jocelyn asked us again.

"I fell okay." They all gave me that look, as if I was lying. Of course, they are not going to believe me.

"Mhm.." Jocelyn smirks walking away to the stairs of the pool.

"Is it just me or Luke's pool water is color purple." Matt puts his arm around me, whispering in my ear.

"Babe, it's one of this pool that glows." I chuckle.

"Woah.." He just stood there starring at  it with his red wide eyes. I shook my head, then walk to where everyone was at. Everyone is standing on the edge of the pool getting ready to jump.

"YEET!" Keegan went first and jumped. Then it was Jocelyn, Andrea, Luke, and some other girl.

"Psst." Ryan poked my shoulder.

"What?" I look at him furrowing my eyebrows.

"Do you have fries? I want fries." He tells me, I look at him weird like 'what the fuck is going on?' He just shrug his shoulders and jumped. Then I jumped.

"Babe! Come on, jump!" I yell over at Matthew. He shook his head and walk down the stairs to the pool, he started shivering like crazy then walk out of the pool.

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