63. The barista & The tattooist

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Monday August 16, 2016-

It's been five days since we moved into our own apartment. The place is not fully done with the unpacking yet, there's still more boxes laying on the ground.

Two days ago, Matthew and I drove back to Los Angeles to pick up my car. My parents even insisted to lend us some of their own old used furniture that they don't really need anymore. So we brought some of the furnitures into our home making it more look complete.

The days we were here, we spent it by unpacking some of our stuffs and looking for a job. We applied online and didn't hear anything from them yet.

Also, Andrea and Ryan are moving here to Davis, California this Thursday so that's exciting! Meanwhile, Keegan is moving in with Jocelyn into her apartment and Ryan, on the other hand, has no plan. I haven't heard from him recently but I hope I'll get to see him sometime. I miss all of them, hearing them moving in near me makes me so happy.

I can finally start over with my friends and not have to deal with Rachel and Claire. Thank the lord!

Right now, Jess decided to come over and hang out with me while Matthew and Nathan went out to buy us some food.

"So have you found a job?"Jess asks, helping me sort out my clothes and hang them in the closet.

"I applied to some places but I haven't received a call or an email yet." I shrugged my shoulders. I'm currently sitting on my bed, my legs crossed as I fold my clothes and chose which ones to hang in my closet while the others goes in my drawer.

"Here's a better solution, you can work with me." She suggests, she turns around to hang my blouse in the closet then turn back around to face me.

"Work with you?" She nods. "Where do you work at?" I asked nicely. I don't really care what type of job hires me, just unless I get hired then I'm good.

"I've been working at this café for a couple of months now. There's not that many employees and it would be really great if we can have you as an employee." She smiles, showing her perfect white teeth.

"Oh really? Yeah! Yeah, that would be great!" I grinned. "When do you think I can apply?" I asked.

"No need to apply, hun. I got it all under control just need to talk to my boss and she'll give you the job. Especially since we need more employees." Jess is such a life saver.

"You'd do that for me?" I point to myself.

"Of course." She laughs, pushing my shoulder playfully. "You can come to work with me tomorrow and I'll train you and such." She flashes me a smile again.

"That's great! Thank you!" I grinned happily before wrapping my arms around her in a hug.

"You're welcome, hun." She lets out a giggle before wrapping her arms around me as well, hugging me back. Right when we pulled away from our friendly hug, we heard the door open and came in the two dudes.

"Babe?" Nathan yelled out, calling for his girlfriend.

"Shortie?" Matthew called out after him. Jess and I walk out of the room and to the kitchen where the boys set the food.

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