67. Vanilla bean latte with kisses

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Saturday August 20, 2016

I watched the customers walk in and out. It's my first official day, official as in the day I finally get to work. The other days were just training days. I'm not quite good with the coffee machines at the moment so I'm stuck with cleaning.

It's almost 2 in the afternoon and we close around 3. It's only Jess and I in shift today, the other employees had the day off. It would've only be Jess working in today but since I'm here, she's not alone. So here I am saving her life.

It wasn't crowded today, there were plenty of people but not plenty plenty that I would started panicking about how many angry customers were complaining and attacking me.

Today was Matt's first day of work too, as a tattoo artist. I know he leaves home around 9 am to go to work but I have no clue what time he comes home.

When the last customer left the store, a relieved sigh left my lips. I was so damn tired. All I could think about was how comfy my bed was and how amazing it would feel if I'm laying down on it right now with cold blankets. When the pillow and blanket are cold, that's the best part of falling asleep. Although, it was still around two o'clock but there were no signs of customers walking in.

"Holy shit, it's my first day and I've never been so tired in my life." I complained to Jess who laughed at my comment as she continued to wipe the counters clean while I swept the floors. My feet were aching, my back was hurting from bending down the whole day, my legs felt like they were about to snap and just give up. All I wanted and needed were to rest and have a good nap on my comfy big bed.

"That's what I felt like when it was my first month working here, but trust me, you'll eventually get used to it." Jess glances at me before arranging a few things on the counter to make it look more presentable for tomorrow morning.

"Oh, boy. I can't wait." I sarcastically said as she laughed at me. When I finished sweeping the floor, I placed the chairs on top of the tables making it more look cleaner and so the floor can dry very easily. Jess checked and cleaned the restrooms up.

We both casually sat on the counter waiting for the clock to strike 3 so we can get out of here and go home. We had our chins on the palm of our hands, legs swinging, and heavy sighs leaving our lips. We acted as if we were in school again, waiting for the bell to ring so we can get the fuck out of here. It felt exactly like that.

"I know college won't start like until next month but.. every year these frat boys throw these type of college parties." She trailed on.

"Like in those movies?" She giggled nodding exactly what I meant.

"I attend them because it's a fucking party and we should live a little.. and I was wondering if you'd like to attend it with me." She sent me an innocent smile while she batted her eyelashes.

"And when is this party?" Her lips crept up into a big happy grin, she clapped her hands together and bounced up and down.

"The first Friday of September which is.. the 2nd of September." She answered. "Will you go? Will you go?" She repeatedly asked me in a childish manner.

"Can I think about it?" I squinted my eyes.

"I'll take that as yes!" She jumped down from the counter and jogged towards the door to switch the sign over to 'Close' I sighed and shook my head at her, I go on and grabbed my belongings with hers as well. I handed her her things before we exited the cafe side by side, she took out her spare key of the cafe and locked it. I made sure she locked it for sure then walked to my car.

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